Tongue of the Fatman

Hey Gamers,

Quick post today, but more robust ones to come later. I will be the first to admit: my creative output for April was…err, lacking, to say the least.

I Am Very Aware, Thank You.

                  Yes,  I Am Very Aware, Thank You.

What makes less sense about my failings in producing more work, directly ties into how excited I was to be invited back to E3 at the beginning of April. While I was thrilled to begin sharing stories and pictures from last years E3 straight away, though my momentum in doing so failed entirely. I can cite sickness as a definite contributor to my struggled creative endeavors, but I feel no less guilty about the whole thing, excuse of no excuse. E3 has been, and in many ways still is Christmas time for gamers. Why my current energy levels are more akin to identity crisis is beyond me.

One possible answer, and one I’ve observed is true about me, is that I seem to have a habit of self-sabotage, so this may not be as surprising as I’m making it out to be.

Indeed, I could be just straight up trying too hard to “find myself”

Happens To The Best Of Us

                   Happens To The Best Of Us

In any case, this post was not intended to be some odd apology explanation (but is anyways), I was merely bringing attention to an awesome turn of events. The Internet Archive, which has helped to preserve a large swath of old video games for the sake of keeping history alive, has now allowed you to embed DOS games into tweets. I stumbled upon this little nugget of information when my friend Chris Kohler over at Wired, tweeted a story that had a game embedded in the tweet, which was then embedded into the story he tweeted.

Yo Dawg Chris 4What a time to be alive, truly. These dizzying levels of entangled technology, has reached new and delightful heights of self-reference. And I thought I had achieved true technological feats of horror, when I laid out my PS4 profile, which had a Vita screenshot of me playing Zelda on my Xbox One.

Down The Rabbit Hole We Go

                   Link Was As Shocked As I Was

Maybe not ground breaking news, but extremely cool non the less. I’m not sure if this makes Twitter a viable gaming platform in some regard, or if this strange technological loop hole has signaled a way into emulation legalities…but who cares? It’s damn fun. Check out the Internet Archive if you haven’t already, to get your hands on some sweet old school DOS games, and start tweeting at your friends to finally play the 1989 Activision game, Tongue of the Fatman.

Just You Know, As A Joke

               Just You Know, As A Joke

(Cause It Is)


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