Horsing Around

Hey Gamers,

I know at the end of my last post, I gave you a sneak preview involving the sentiment that I was going to be “getting serious about horses”.

How serious is he going to get about horses, you may be asking yourself?

No, Not This Serious

Well, Not This Serious

And for those of you who were just like “Pash, how could you?! Inflicting such feels with that photo!” Yeah well, Atreyu got a magical flying luck dragon like three seconds after Artax died so I don’t feel too bad. I’ve suffered the melancholy effects of impermanence a million times over and didn’t get anything near as awesome out of the deal.

I mean seriously.

He'll Be Fine

He’ll Be Fine

In any case, while I was serious about discussing a few more points of interest in regards to Zelda, stemming from my discussion about Epona’s value, finishing up this line of thought will have to wait just a little longer to bring out of the stable. You may be thinking I’m beating a dead horse with all of these puns, and you’d be right, but I refuse apology. My excitement in writing and gaming more have yielded to quite a bit of horsing around, and aside from all of the bad play on words, it’s been a win win for everyone involved. Besides, there is still more to discuss in the way of Zelda and the awesome gaming it has represented. To be honest, I’m not sure I could play a great game and not espouse about the experience at this point, Zelda not with standing and oddness fully intact.

If I’ve learned anything in all my years, it’s that when I start spending more time in Hyrule

Things Get Weird

Things Get Weird

I know it seems I’ve already talked a great length about my recent engagement with Ocarina 3D, including the event surrounding my play through of Master Quest, what I think of the design, and even what elements of the game means to gamers, but there is yet more to ponder and discuss. I have a bad fun habit of always going a step further with every thought in terms of my games, or at least admiring them. Starting from why am I playing this, to why is this game fun to play, to what does the game mean to gaming and eventually how much of an effect this game had to the culture at large. More or less anyways, I’ve found parallel with my gaming discussions pop up again and again over the years, and this recent foray of Zelda admiration reminds me of similar analysis that occurred at the beginning of this year, under similar circumstances to boot.

tl dr; I think a lot about my games, which gives way to fun, and anyone reading this benefits as a result.

Also, Zelda: because everything always makes more sense after playing it.


(Next time, on Active Time Event: Pash is serious about getting serious about horses.)


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