Wild Horse Adventure

Hey Gamers,

Yesterday, I finally remarked about some of my time at E3, personal states of turmoil, how I overcome them, and eventually how I enjoy myself there after.

Zelda, namely.

Yeah, I Get Real Weird With It

Yeah, I Get Real Weird With It

Though, I suppose if normalcy involves not thoroughly enjoying Zelda games, I would wish to remain odd indefinitely. As already noted, when despair or lethargy strike, Zelda is there to save the day. My post yesterday about getting back in the saddle, referred to me mounting the high horse of efficiency once again, in much the same way I have before: by playing Zelda. The wasn’t a random play through, per say, as the sit down acted as a celebration, as the occassion marked not only the three year anniversary of getting my 3DS, but replacing the one that was stolen from me weeks prior. Plus, this one was savvy special shiny stellar super sexy Zelda edition #1, so needless to say.

It was awesome.

So Awesome

So Awesome

Even though writing about the mishaps involving the lost 3DS ended up being fun to write about, my main focus was initially, in discussing Ocarina of Time itself. In good fashion, however, I was too verbose to get it all into one post and got totally off topic there after. I know Ocarina may be one of the most discussed games of all time, which leaves me wondering what I could say that hasn’t already been said, but I’ve been way too excited about my last play through not to remark. Besides, I’ve built a cruel self defense mechanism into my being at this point, where if I play a game for too long without writing about it, I start to seize with guilt in regards to my failings as the gaming ambassador I try to be.

However Dubious A Role That May Be At Times

However Dubious A Role That May Be At Times

Irregardless, here we are, saddled up and ready to go. Ocarina of Time is the topic of discussion this day, and what a robust topic we have at hand here. While I would love to remark about OoT in it’s entirety, I’ll more or less focus on a couple of prime design aspects, and more importantly, discuss some of the merits and oddities involving Master Quest mode. Since I still had a completed filed of the first quest on my copy of OoT3D, I thought it fitting to finally go through with playing through Master Quest, just to shake it up a bit. I remember  having fun with the added difficulty when I gave it a go on the Gamecube all those years ago, and thought it was about time to revisit the past…

And Go Back To Finishing This Game Again

And Go Back To Finishing This Game Again

What? What did you think I was going to say? Make some kind of stupid non-sequitor time travel reference? I do more than just talk about Zelda and reference Back to the Future on a regular basis, you know. I do other things too.

Like Save Clock Towers

Like Saving Clock Towers


For Example

For Example

See? I told you I…

Dammit…well, that’s what I get for dealing with time travel. It can be feel so very cyclical.

Anyway…refocusing my point for obvious fucking reasons…


AW, Come on Batman! Stop derailing my posts half way through!

Sheesh, you mention the guy once and he never leaves. (Though, wouldn’t it be super bad ass if The Batman did fight Ganondorf until he turned into Ganon, and then rode him right back into the Sacred Realm like some kind of amazing dimensional rodeo? DimensionBat!).

SERIOUSLY THOUGH, refocusing my point, Ocarina of Time 3D beckoned, and I knew Master Quest would help me answer the call. I’ve played OoT so many times at this point, Master Quest is really the only way to slow me down sans some absurd self-limitation, which I believe I’ve run out of at this point. I suppose I could do the game blind folded, but even then it would just be a matter of time. For the record, I’ve 100%ed the game on every platform, done it without dying, with only three hearts, speed ran it, and even did a “minimalist run through”, where I tried completing the game with the least number of resources possible. Hell, i’m surprised I haven’t done the game upside down yet.

Wouldn't Be Unexpected, All I'm Saying

Yeah, I Get Real Weird With It

My point, Master Quest still holds a spark that OoT just doesn’t possess anymore, which is unavoidable after this long. You can only experience a game for the first time once, and only do something as satisfying as winning Epona from the clutches of Ingo or pulling the Master Sword out of it’s pedestal before you only remember why something was great, without feeling the same as you once did. This is just the essence of time, but experiences rich enough, like OoT, are memorable enough to never forget why they were worthwhile in the first place. Of course, like a number of gamers will tell you, while the experience and the story are savory treats, us gamers have a hearty appetite for gameplay, insatiable almost. Long after we’ve enjoy the main course, we have an endless hunger for left overs that we constantly seek to foolishly satiate.

Which is why Master Quest is so damn tasty: all content, no filler. (Following my last metaphor of course, in no way do I feel the story elements in OoT are unneeded).

More accurately, all gameplay, and remixed gameplay too. The whole world is mirrored, so as to immediately and continually fuck with longer time players relying on muscle memory. The double damage reminds you of just how estranged from your shield you’ve really become, which is odd as it’s one of Link’s first pieces of equipment. The Master Quest remixing ranges from well done to lack luster to cool story, bro. The child dungeons feel like more of an engagement this time, with other temples like the infamous Water Temple gaining considerable favor by being fine tuned to fucking tolerable. Other temples like the Fire Temple are exposed in their remixed flaws, as you can tell the level was built so thoroughly around it’s own architecture, the remix kinda just confuses you in it’s attempt to “mix things up a bit”.

Speaking Of Confusing Remixes

Speaking Of Confusing Remixes

Jabu Jabu is indeed the remixed dungeon I cite as the “Cool Story, Bro” attempt, as I feel the slight twists are lame and the inclusion of the cows is silly. I understand the possible intent in adding them (Jabu Jabu is a fat bastard), but if you explained the level to someone, you’d likely get the infamous meme response I’ve cited the dungeon as representing. Ironically, when EGM first mentioned Master Quest so many years ago, my interest was peaked, as was theirs, when they used the cows as the example to try to explain how delightfully backwards Master Quest really is. Never the less, I remain steadfast in my assessment if you really think about how to explain Jabu Jabu in Master Quest to someone:

“Yeah, and instead of shooting yellow lumps on the ceiling with your slingshot, you have to shoot cows in the wall instead and also spiderwebs.”

Cool Story, Bro Link 2

I kid more or less, as I was serious when I said I enjoyed all of the quirkiness Master Quest brings with it, even if some of it now seems slightly silly in retrospect. Speaking to some of the better remixes, The Spirit Temple is a proper cluster fuck, in the best possible way, as some of the solutions involve madness spanning 7 years time and a single key. Even on this play through, I had to ponder solutions in the Spirit Temple a few times and was halted from proceeding, due to the Master Quest remix. The Gerudo Training Ground is also pleasantly punishing, as it really is a figure it the fuck out rapid fire room after room of what-the-hell-now-a-fest….but you know, the good kind.

And You Know, Not The Bad Kind

And Like, Not The Bad Kind

And regardless of whether the terrain is mirrored or not, The Running Man is still a cheating bastard.

What An Asshole

What An Asshole

What’s even more irritating, I “quit the race” if I travel using my Ocarina against this guy. Oh yeah, sure dude, I quit because I used an Ocarina to get the job done. I’ve got some bad news for you, bucko.

A Few People Definitely Disagree With You

A Few People Definitely Disagree

I have more to say about OoT3D, and totally didn’t even discuss what I had initially planned too (curse your derailments via Bat Bombs, Batman *shakes fist*), but this post is starting to run a little long. Rest assured, this Wild Horse Adventure will continue, and perhaps next time you’ll find out what the fuck I was even talking about when I named the post that in the first place.

(To be continued)



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