Back In The Saddle

Hey Gamers,

The world did not in fact end when E3 finally arrived, though it’s impact on my life felt just as I suspected it would.

Fucking Holy Shit

Fucking Holy Shit

Yeah, it was a god damn unstoppable celestial body bearing down on me with all of it’s tremendous might. I know some of you may be dumb founded I haven’t written about E3 since the event, considering it represents the pinnacle of both my writing and gaming career, but some of the most amazing stories are left largely untold.

It's complicated

It’s complicated

Rest assured, my E3 tales will be told at some point, as they represent a turning point for me that I won’t soon forget. I’m not being entirely honest about why I haven’t written more about my journey to L.A, but the reasons for that are as complicated as The Time War itself. As I’ve gone into before, I can tend to lose myself in some heavy bouts of isolated thinking, which can produce varied results.

This Guy Knows What I'm Talking About

This Guy Knows What I’m Talking About

Also, Her.

Her Too…We Really, Really Can’t Forget Her

The last visual punchline I use as a point of relevancy. The last major hiatus I went on involved far grimmer circumstances, but produced the result of a multiple part piece I did involving A Link Between Worlds and Zelda as a whole. I bring it up now, as I showcase some predictable habits in my own life. Even if we’re just going by this body of work I call Active Time Event, Zelda seems to be a historically effective way to will me out of emotional entropy, which is always very closely tied to my ability to game with full force.

Though I’m a fan of all kinds of gaming, Zelda has maintained a status most other games will never match (in my bias), let alone maintain for as long as the series has. I say this now, as some of you may be groaning I’m about to discuss Zelda for the umpteenth time on ATE, but it’s merits as a relevant force in my life never ceases to be true. I know I should really talk about other games more than I do, lest people believe I’m just a one trick pony.

Keeping In Mind, That One Trick Can Be Really Fucking Cool

Keeping In Mind, That One Trick Can Be Really Cool

Also, here’s the Gerudo Valley theme:

Also: Link fighting The Batman



Refocusing my point for obvious fucking reasons, (though I mean, wouldn’t it be really cool if Link rode The Batman through time like some kind of seriously pissed of stallion? Dude, TimeBat!).

SERIOUSLY THOUGH, refocusing my point, while I love to talk extensively about a lot of games, Zelda always inspires me to write when no writing is happening, the Zelda series acting as a muse in my darker hours. Not that E3 represented a darker hour, but my life is not a rock & roll game fest 24/7. Real things happen too, and not every day can be as mesmerizing as those spent on the show floor at E3. Though there were several factors in my recent lull of work, one prime example involves a loss of spirit. Right before I went to E3, a bag containing a number of very important items went missing, two of which being my 3DS and my Vita. While physically replaceable, the data, memories, individuality and charm of those machines is lost forever to the march of time, all due to both cruelty on the part of the thief’s, and my own stupid irresponsibility. I knew I couldn’t let the passing of my electronic friends effect my mood too much, as I was fast approaching the most important event in my life.

Seriously, it’s E3.

Not Seen Here: Me, Just Out Of Frame To The Left

Not Seen Here: Me, Just Out Of Frame To The Left

That joke is funnier if you are me, because I was there, right before I briefly met Miyamoto. I have a picture of the man himself from the angle mentioned in the picture (just to really drive home how funny that is), which will make this little anecdote even better when I can locate the photo and edit it into this post at a later date.

I'll Fix It In Post

To Quote Someone Great: We’ll Fix It In Post

All of this is very interconnected (The Home Movies with standing), as knowing you have a problem is the first step to fixing it. I avoided being devastated by my loss of equipment so I could fully enjoy my trip to E3, but knew well and good I need to fix my portable gaming problems upon my return home. Help came faster than expected, due to a last minute problem with my airline ticket. Due to some bizarre mishap, I needed to re-buy my ticket to get home from L.A, or else go Lord of The Flies at LAX until next years E3. The second plan sounded like it was going to be a plausibly difficult to pull off, and I was able to get a brief credit limit increase on the very credit card that got me out to E3 in the first place. Good thing too, as it left me with a bit of change left over. Not much, but enough to fix the problem of a lack of the 3DS in my left pocket.

A criminal injustice corrected.

Luckily, due to some good timing and some lucky breaks, I was able to score a mint condition second hand Link Between Worlds edition of the 3DS. An object that’s not only rare at this point in time, but one I’ve seen go for upwards of $250 these days. The fact that I got mine for $100 is mind blowing. I don’t normally bother to mention dollar value in my own workings, as it’s besides the point of the real quality at hand, but considering the quick turn around on value regained helped to wash away my own sad weariness. Needless to say, I was very surprised.

Like This Surprised. No, Not Toon Link, Donkey Kong Three Seconds After This Photo Was Taken

Like This Surprised. No, Not Toon Link….Donkey Kong, Two Seconds After This Photo Was Taken

As another odd aside, I ended up getting my new 3DS three years to the day I picked up my old one, which carried with it some soft charm for me. I thought of no better way to celebrate my regained fortunes by playing the same game I did on the very first day I received my first 3DS, and that was Ocarina of Time. A game that needs little introduction, but one that has effectively been prefaced with 1129 words up to this point. Never the less, a fantastic piece of gaming culture, with an excellence rarely matched, and one that reminds me why I continue to never lose hope in the realm of gaming.

A proper way to get back in the saddle, as it were.

Back In The Saddle

(To Be Continued)



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