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Despite seeking greener grasses and higher resolutions, Resolutiongate continues to be a relevant issue. CoD: Ghosts did just launch today after all,
and you won’t believe what happened.

It Turns Out, The Ghosts Are Really Disappointing.

It Turns Out, The Ghosts Are Really Disappointing.

Disappointing in some respects, at least.

I’m still struggling with my own honest conclusions, and feel further divided from a true sense of clarity on the matter, having not yet played the game. However, as an observer and lover of games, I don’t mind diving into some basic thoughts about the industry at large. For anyone who may have hit their head and had the luck of forgetting about this issue, the main bulk of “Resolutiongate” involved the resolution differences between the X1 and PS4 versions of CoD: Ghosts. The PS4 version was to run at 60fps and native 1080p, and the x1 version of Ghosts was 60fps and upscaled 720p. We always knew the PS4 was more powerful, but the difference in the versions was regularly cited as “identical”, despite the hardware differences.

Another Example Of Hardware Differences

Another Example Of Hardware Differences

I argued that the main source of the problem wasn’t really the resolution differences,  but the transparency surrounding them. At first I was dubious about the issues relevancy at all, but the more I analyzed the source of the complaints, the more I realized the anger others felt was legitimately founded, if not totally realized. I did briefly inject the irony of console guys lamenting they didn’t have a more graphically superior platform to play on, but it undermined the actual issues of console gamers, who are no less gamers than anyone else. What’s further, is that we are dealing with the potential and the perceptions of what the next generation of video games is suppose to represent, and what everyone sees as a failure to do so.

Everyone Truly Hoping The Next Generation Of Consoles At Least Better Than This Movie

Everyone Truly Hoping The Xbox One And The PS4 AT LEAST Perform Better Than Sarah Jessica Parker And Matthew McConaughey

The issue has been further complicated, by the PS4 version, originally the “superior version” due to the higher resolution, having frame rate issues due to said fidelity. This, I think on some level, continued to irritate everyone, as we were all too busy at the idea Microsoft and Activision had pulled a slight of hand on the Xbox One version only. The PS4 version ended up suffering because of it’s supposed quality, instead of being helped by it. As it turns out, the 360 versions and the PS3 versions, reportedly, are having no issues at the lowered rez of 720, which further detracts from the importance of the power of the next generation.

What’s even more maddening, is that Microsoft placed an extra embargo on the X1 version, effectively halting review of the game until the 12th of November. Just as a reminder to any hopeful virtual rebels out there, the Xbox One console is not even out till the 22nd, making user reviews nigh impossible.

One last kicker about all of this? Despite the PS4 version receiving what I’ve found is the most flak, and loudest criticism for frame rate issues, it currently has the highest aggregate review score on Metacritic.

Office Space Come On

I’m now just in a state of confusion, for a number of reasons. Thinking about this issue makes my back hurt, and I’m not sure which part of this is most annoying. My gut instinct tells me it is the obvious, and that is the financially motivated information shrouding by both Acti and MS, for being so goddamned backwards with us about the Xbox One version.

Now, however, I also hold Sony accountable, for their obvious efforts in obscuring frame rate issues leading up to launch with controlled footage, because honestly recorded PS4 game play videos would make the PS4 look bad. However, the fact that the PS4 version of the game is still being reviewed the most positively, makes me question whether the journalists involved even really care about this issue, and whether or not they should, based on an obvious base of players who do care about the issue.

Ironically, Microsoft might have actually shot themselves in the foot here with the added embargo date. Had the X1 version been reviewed at the same time, it might have benefited from the “feel” of a smoother gameplay experience , despite lacking the better resolution. What’s even more queer about the delay, is Ghosts may in fact get a better review score on the Xbox One version, because of the special treatment the game is receiving in being delivered to the public, due to fierce financial defensive maneuvers. As I type this, I’m also questioning why now, when In the past I’ve dismissed review scores so regularly, despite hypocritically engaging in their creation, I am now caring about their usage in the slightest in regards to substance and reason.

Which makes me realize that Resolutiongate, is now indeed, also partly my fault.




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