Timely Repetition

Hey Gamers,

As some of you could  no doubtedly tell, yesterday’s post was all in good fun…at the last minute.

One of those limited time scenarios.

Cause That's Always Fun

Cause They’re Always Fun

I didn’t seemed to have learned anything from the rushed experience, but limited time scenarios aren’t always the best teachers, just the most stressful ones. I usually work very well under stress, which is partly why I continue to strain myself to get my thoughts out to the public every single day. I have the advantage of talking about video games of course, which makes my time limits way more fun.

And Confusing

And Confusing

Speaking of confusing, when I see headlines like this, I’m not sure whether to care at all, or press the middle stick to continue. A corporation winning out against a corporation, over something so trivial, seems as if a horribly hollow hooray. If nothing else, the headline reminds Xbox devotees that Don Mattrick is no longer at Microsoft, which is certainly a horribly hollow hooray scenario.

Simmer Down

Calm Down, I’m Only Effecting Facebook Games Now

Why do I find myself still worried about the fate of my casual gaming brethren out there? I guess it’s a pointless concern. They’ll learn.

They All Learn

They All Learn

Some are better at learning the groove of casual gaming than others, but it doesn’t always pay off. Nintendo’s Wii Fit, while not my first pick for Wii games to convince people the Wii  wasn’t a geriatric aphrodisiac machine, was still a solid idea at it’s core. Gaming continues to experiment with what works, and while the Wii definitely had good proven concepts to fall back on, it was nice to see something different that did actually work. Wii Fit was never meant to be an end all be all, but it represented a good starting point for anyone who wanted to find themselves in their own environment.

Or You Know, Find Themselves In Everyone Else's Environment

Or You Know, Find Themselves In Everyone Else’s Environment

Any case, I’m glad to see Nintendo still pushing forward with cool ideas, even in their odd efforts of bridging the gap between core and casual gaming. I’m also  glad they didn’t get tired of their pedometer shtick after the release of Pokemon Heart Gold and Soul Silver. I think accessories, when they equate to tertiary fun, can add a strange worth to the experience, just quirky little fun that stops right before the serious embrace of pure gamification. Even outside of highly sustainable gaming, Wii Fit U sounds like it’s got some nice concepts, and even with a solid execution, may only suffer due to the Wii U’s low install base…or the Wii U’s low Wii Fit Girl advertising ratio.

Either would help sales, I imagine.

Because Sex And Stuff

Because Sex And Sales And Stuff

 I always stand surprised at what doesn’t sell, even when it seems like a good idea to me at the time. Random tweets have pretty much been the only thing keeping me going with All Stars, and I imagine that will likely be how it remains. I think the game was good, but in some odd way, not enough of a replication. I think many wanted a more honest to god Smash Bros, which means the game suffered for trying something new. I don’t really think anything is “fair” one way or another, but All Stars was definitely a case of mistaken identity, no one really knew what the game was trying to be. Upon second thought, if All Stars had been more confident in it’s own design, perhaps it wouldn’t have had any identity issues to begin with.

Then Again, The Game's Only Issue May Have Involved The Personalities It Didn't Have

Then Again, The Game’s Only Issue May Have Involved The Personalities It Didn’t Have

Lots of fun, I believed, imperfect mechanics aside. Sony deemed the sales of the title “lacking”, but it sold over a million copies, so it’s hard to say if the game succeeded or not. In the day and age where a 9.0 is barely good enough, when a game didn’t even claim a 8.0, it’s basically an early funeral. This never ceases to stress me out, and I believe the idea of such an estrangement from quality, and unrealistic expectations of always wanting “better”, reminds me why even decent games like All Stars are so quickly forgotten.

I might be making much ado about nothing, as I’m sure there’s a sequel in the works, and the fan base is larger than I believe it to be, just not the largest. In some strange sense of comfort, Resident Evil 5 becoming Capcom’s best selling game of all time (even beating out SFII, Ouch), reminds me that success and failures can be confusing things to measure, and what we see as a failure now may be regarded later as respectful endeavors.

And Sometimes Not

And Sometimes Not

Continue to look upon the future of  gaming with an open mind, just be sure to take off your stained rose colored glasses when viewing the past, I hear red and black can be a migraine headache waiting to happen.



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