Worthwhile Laughter

Hey Gamers,

I’ve investigated more serious matters recently, or at least the controversy surrounding them, but have not forgotten the core essence of what video games are all about.

Fun. (And appreciating the ridiculousness as a result).

I think, and I can speak from experience here, when one surrounds themselves with endless pacification, one forgets to realize the absurdity they’ve built for themselves. Having a sense of humor is key, in and outside of being a gamer, and a trait that would greatly benefit the bulk of humanity.

Sometimes, all it takes is a first step into a greater threatening reality to really know how to laugh at your own comforts.

Surprised Hobbit

It Never Seems As Funny At The Time

When we forget to laugh, we sometimes rely on a knee jerk reaction, which can lead to angry disbelief. I’m often surprised people are so detached from their own sense of humor, which ends up creating a disbelief within them…to the point where people can’t even  enjoy a basic technology like a video game, because they become so god damned reactionary. I’m equally surprised in how basic technology can make us so angry, or at the very least can cause a debate far too serious in tone, considering the subject matter.  I know I said I would cease and desist about “Resolutongate”, but the heavy irony remains. If you’re so disappointed by what your reality is giving you ( in this case a console), you should seriously consider an alternative to how you enjoy yourself.

See: PC gaming, and all that it entails.

Okay, Maybe Not All That It Entails

Okay, Maybe Not All That It Entails

Gaming, in any form, should be about exploring who you are, and having fun while doing so. If  at any point something isn’t working, don’t be afraid to ask yourself “Why?”, and then laugh at your nearsightedness soon after. Asking why can lead you to better entertainment, a better understanding of yourself, and perhaps another worthwhile moment in the realm of laughter.

Gaming has always worked best for me as a question, and not an answer. Treat your entertainment as legitimately as you’d like to be treated, and you may be surprised….and laughing while doing so.

Video Games can be worthwhile like that.

Raging Bender



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