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I don’t believe I adequately investigated the ideas behind “Resolutiongate” in my last couple of articles, despite elaborating with some several thousand words on the subject. Then again, I didn’t really plan too far ahead of time, so I can’t be very surprised with how crazy it all turned out to be.

Fun Doesn't Always Have To Make Sense, We Think

Fun Doesn’t Always Have To Make Sense, We Think

I’ll let the thoughts rest for now, the whole debate has definitely lead to some interesting thinking, and a vocal awareness that video games are really in a new place of importance, going into the 8th generation of console gaming. Gaffe’s are still being made, sequels are still coming out, and many of us are still struggling to deal with the bullshit from any of the companies trying to force feed us. I remind myself things are likely going to get even more heated, if Resolutiongate is anything to go by. If a difference in HD fidelity caused such a stir, what the fuck could something like the Steam Box do, if it’s at all successful in it’s execution?

Some Form Of Madness, I'm Imagining

Some Form Of Madness, I’m Imagining

 Well, it wouldn’t really matter for those who have allegiance to the idea of gaming, and not to the ideology of their own gaming. I believe any of these rampant arguments about platform or vs debates that spring up, do more so with the the idea of defending “the better” way to game, instead of discovering other good ways to do so. While there definitely seem to be noticeable pros and cons about certain aspects of gaming, I think many involved would benefit from a healthier mind set, one that observes fun as being subjective, and not one that represents the objectivism many seem to rhetorically seek.

Objectivism Leads You To Believe Some Crazy Shit

Objectivism Leads You To Believe Some Crazy Shit

Eh, I gotta stop this heavy handed gloom and doom stuff, lest I lose sight of what gaming is all about (see: having fun). For example, every negative thing I hear about the Kinect, and on some days this is an hourly occurrence, I forcibly remind myself there is good to be had of the device, even beyond just mindless fun. Since we can’t control who will do what with a given technology, all we can all really do, is try and call out the power trippers when they’ve gone too far, and reinforce the would be good guys when they do something right.

In most cases, this is just putting money into the right bank account.

I’m guilty of being in the bog of ill will from time to time, but that’s an attempt at trying to have my cake, and eat it too. I want to enjoy video games, and engaging in mindless fun is okay, but not with out an awareness of looking beyond the simple act of engagement without asking why. Video Games at base value, should be fun, above all else. So when the idea of video games represents more of a hassle, headache, or hard labor, then I think it is the appropriate time to ask why.

Why isn’t this more fun?

And Why Am I So Broke All Of A Sudden?

And Why Am I So Broke All Of A Sudden?

Just my two cents.



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