Hey Gamers,

My attempts at informing weren’t completely in vain in yesterday’s post, however basic the observations may have been.

It Was An Obvious Forecast, Is All I'm SayinG

It Was An Obvious Forecast, Is All I’m Saying

Gamers being surrounded by shooters is a reality we must live with, though we can choose not to engage in it. The console boys will continue to debate which version is best, while the PC guys laugh and laugh. Not to say some of the biggest shooters of all time haven’t been on consoles, which goes to show no matter the disadvantage, convenience can be key in bringing an experience to any crowd of people.

Weren't We All

Weren’t We All

I realize we’re fast approaching Halloween, and I’ve yet to make any sort of reference to it, besides this sentence. I was thinking about writing a video game related horror story, one that truly chilled to the bone, the mere mention of the tale in passing causing one’s blood to boil, and skin to crawl.

Honestyly, I Really Didn't Feel Like Reviewing Fable 2 Again

Honestly, I Really Didn’t Feel Like Reviewing Fable 2 Again

I’m not against topicality in my own devices, I’ve been known to be trendy, from time to time (hyperlink?). Considering the slight struggle it’s been to get any posts up due to energy levels, let alone holiday theme posts involving planning and panache, and I’m just happy to get any writing out at all for you to enjoy.

If you really want something scary, Steam’s having one of it’s ridiculous holiday sales, and I’d be amazed if you had played every single goddamned game discounted right now. Titles like Condemned, Amnesia, and Vampire: Bloodlines are all rock bottom in price, and do a good job at forcing you to face your fears. Other games, and one’s I haven’t even got around to trying yet, like Home, The Swapper, and Outlast, all have their respective charms in the unsettling.

Or at least, so I’ve heard.

If nothing else, just looking at Steams sales page and seeing how cheap everything on it really looks, will provide you with unparalleled levels of horror and disgust.

Don’t believe me?

A Screen Caption Of Steam's Sales Page

A Screen Caption Of Steam’s Sales Page

I actually truly apologize for that cheap scare, a page of ATE is no place for monster closets, I’ll leave that bad habit up to Doom 3.

And The Demonic Spawn It Shit Out At Us

And The Demonic Spawn It Shit Out At Us

Well that’s weird, I thought for sure that picture was going to be of a Mancubus from Doom 3, I saved the picture on my computer as “The Fat Ugly Demon Monster From Doom 3” after all. Hold on, let me find the one labeled “Rush Limbaugh”.

Here it Is

Here It Is

There, now the joke works. Well, whatever you play this Halloween, whether it be ass kicking your way through a base on mars, or clawing your way out of the literal depths of hell itself, make sure you treat yourself to some proper scares.

Be a gamer…live a little, die a lot.





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