Troubling Thoughts

Hey Gamers,

I mused…very briefly…about the approach of the next gen, and the odd sense of despondence that has washed over me.

My Current Next Gen Experience

My Current Next Gen Experience

I’m not having a sudden sense of cold feet gamers, do not fear. These feelings will pass, I’m positive, and I expect to go into the PS4 and Xbox One launch guns a blazing.

Not That I'll Have Any

Not That I’ll Have Any

Any Choice In The Matter

Choice In The Matter

I’m not saying shooters don’t have their place, though I think there is a minority who observe their place isn’t one of intellectual merits. I get it, sometimes, you just want to shoot a bunch of bastards after a long day, I hear you. I’ve enjoyed shooters thoroughly in my day, but I’ve also enjoyed a great number of other experiences as well. Diversity has been key in my own gaming experiences, and one I think would help a great many fps fans out there.

In some ways, I think Shooters have come to represent parts of this industry that an observant minority view as problematic. The big budgets, the safe sequels, the cesspool of communities they have spawned. I don’t think they are evil, they just end up perpetuating a lot of issues the industry may be better off without.

And Yes, I'm Associating Children With Negativity.

And Yes, I’m Associating Children With Negativity.

Maybe the problem really isn’t my bias against children, though I think we can all agree about how annoying they can be. I think in a more honest assessment (in the same reality kids are still annoying), we should acknowledge the troubling thoughts that coincide with this youthful phenomena. The one where an M rated game, (one centered around violence), being the de facto end all be all to these very same children. In the grand scheme of freedom of speech and personal choice, I don’t think there’s any safe way to legislate who should do what and when.

However, this problem may extend beyond video games entirely, and is only a “problem” in the vague theoretical sense I propose it. My only tangible evidence to any of this nay saying, is the alarming number of children playing CoD online, who confess to have never stopped  having sex with my mom on a nightly basis.

I confess to them my mother is a post-op transsexual.



This was all neither here nor there, and has reminded me why coming up with an idea on the fly, can sometimes lead to a much bigger idea than myself. I think the over abundance of children loving CoD is likely a problem on some level, one of which is a far grander issue than the subculture of video games alone. Despite all of my finger pointing of quality, there’s a good chance I will purchase a shooter on launch day*cough Killzone cough*, but I’m not a ten year old, and it doesn’t mean I won’t be playing other non-shoosty like games.

I think diversity is key here, as the exploration of more thought provoking or even foreign kinds of creative engagement, will do wonders for those who have had very little in their already very little lives.We have to continue to enrich our virtual realities with a sense of diversification. This extends beyond “thinking of the children”, as there should be no age gate on learning and discovery. “Playing cops and robbers” is fine and dandy, but finding time for a game of “hide and seek” represents more ways to play.

And That's What Video Games Are All About.

And That’s What Video Games Are All About.



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