Honest Effort

Hey Gamers,

Yesterday’s post was an honest effort, in bringing as much energy as I could to gaming, despite the after effects of dealing with daily reality.

Like Me, A Lot Of People Get The First One Way Ticket Of Escapism That They Can Find.

Like Me, A Lot Of People Get The First One Way Ticket Of Escapism That They Can Find.

I did mention some next gen rumblings, of which will be the norm until, well, they are present gen rumblings. For all the speculation involved, I’m sure the PS4 and Xbox One, will still effect everyone, with a sense of post launch blindness syndrome, which is an unavoidable consequence of newer game technology. Despite the launches proximity, I find myself in an odd position. I thought for sure every day closer I was to the next gen, would be another day my excitement level rises. The PS4 and Xbox One look good to me, despite any failings either might have.

Either Or.

Either Or.

I’ve gone on in the past about coping with zero, and how something is usually better than nothing. I don’t mean to compliment either launch by saying they’re literally better than nothing at all, I just mean to say the fun I’ll have will likely out weigh the nonsensical bullshit pre-packaged into either system. Launches are always expereinces, and none of them have ever been less than memorable, for better or worse. I’ll have to try and binge on the 7th gen while I still can, so that I may remind myself of the sweet sustenance the 8th is likely to bring.

I’m thankful, if nothing else, gaming continues to bring hope…something all of us could use a little more of.



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