Pokemon In Passing

Hey Gamers,

I had quite a few ideas in how to entertain you this very day. With the next gen right around the corner, it seems as if we are in no short supply of things to talk about.

Despite all of his subject matter, I seem to be struggling to summon the energy to talk shop this very day. Not even my original idea involving my favorite Pokemon names that end in Puff can rouse my interest.

Forgive Me, JigglyPuff.

Forgive Me.

Pokemon X & Y are still going strong with me, and I feel as if the games do represent the strongest in the series since Gen I. Not as if I’m a die hard Gen Oner, but the leap of quality between Gen 6 and every other gen is pretty astounding. Even just the transparency of the meta-game, and warm invitation to sit down and actually spend time with your Pokemon in Amie, is proof positive X & Y mean business. These games may represent some of the best uses of the bottom screen on a DS device ever, bar none.

Bar One

Bar One

A bit of a joke, as it disservices other games that used it so well, much like Trauma Center and Nintendogs. I’m very surprised PKMN waited so long to add a nurture aspect to the raising process, as it always seemed pivotal to the experience at large. My ultimate regret is that Nintendo never carried on the tradition of the Pokewalker, which I thought was a brilliant little add on, but Amie seems to be the logical end of the accessories attempts.

If you haven’t yet, I thoroughly recommend getting your hands on X or Y, as the games represent only the singular starting point of a library of games that has grown leaps and bounds since launch. If I had the energy, I would dive into why this is so goddamned true, but you’ll have to just take my word for it. I hope I’ve gained the trust of enough of you for that one sentence to be true, if nothing else for my absolute want to enrich your gaming life.

In Any Way I Can.

In Any Way I Can.

If nothing else, based on the price of the next gen consoles soon to launch, and the problems soon to follow,  picking up a portable like the 3DS, seems the best option of so many in the console realm. Launches can be the messiest of endeavors, and an event many should pass up all together. A year after the fact, the library is built up, and the back catalog is finally worth a damn. In all honesty, if you’re jonesing for a new system experience, the question shouldn’t even be “Should I get the Xbox One or PS4?”

A better one might be “Do I already have a 3DS?”

It Must Be All Too Obvious.

Must Be All Too Obvious.

Just a quick thought, and perhaps, not a completely crazy one, all things considered.



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