It’s Easy…We Discuss The Batman

Hey Gamers,

I often get delayed in conveying the news to you. The timing of the news, beyond anything else, is key. Really, I’m just failing to deliver on the basics here. Which is why I always try to distract you with nonsense, so you forget what I was just talking about.

For Example

For Example

Before I get started,  I want to mention briefly this little nugget, involving CEO of Gearbox Randy Pitchford buying Penn Gillette’s ponytail for $25,000.

Presumably, With The Total Gross Earnings From Aliens: Colonial Marines

Presumably, With The Total Gross Earnings From Aliens: Colonial Marines

I’m kidding of course, they didn’t actually make any profit on that game.

Indeed, Hook.

Indeed, Hook.

Randy P buying Penn G Pony T of course, isn’t the whole story, but it’s the better condensed version of it. Besides, Randy Pitchford for once, isn’t associated with completely negative press, as the contribution did represent a charity of some sort, going out of his way to try and make a difference.

Doesn't Always Work Out For Randy, Of Course.

Doesn’t Always Work Out For Randy, Of Course.

All will be forgiven when Borderlands 3 is announced, I imagine, as has been the norm for sometime. I think Gearbox represents good people, they just don’t always deal in good games. Not as if any developer has a spotless track record or amazing back catalog, and is something any number of video game series or companies have to just try and put behind them.

Tangible Evidence That 100% Of Games With George Clooney On The Cover Are Terrible

Tangible Evidence That 100% Of Games With George Clooney On The Cover Are Terrible

The picture also represents, a painful reminder of Batman’s dark past. Luckily, The Batman is a hard man to keep down, and found his way to redemption, without completely losing his identity. I admit, I had issues with the Arkham games, always wanting them to be a little less Miller and a little more Moore. I can’t ignore the step in the right direction they represented, however, and how this in turn lead to a positive reception and a new leaf for the caped crusader.

Say what you want to about an experience in media, but having the where with all to separate yourself from your own bias, and look at it’s importance in the context at large, and you’ll find there is worth to be had in things you can’t even agree with.

I'm Pro Lich, By The Way

I’m Pro Lich, By The Way

I was initially bummed that Origins was taking the same approach as the past two titles, with just a different dev team. Initially, the game had been slated with a more retro flair, like classic Batman reborn again, KAPOWS fully intact. As a direct prequel, that kind of facade wouldn’t have worked, but at one point, the game’s story wasn’t so set in stone.

Besides,  following the exact formula of say, Adam West Batman, may now be damaging to the much identified grittiness of the Batman, I couldn’t help but feel we missed a chance for a change of pace. Even if not going back a whole 50 years worth, something like Batman: The Animates series reminds us there’s plenty of different Batman’s to go around.

For Better Or Worse

For Better Or Worse

If nothing else, I look at the Lego Batman games fondly, even beyond the standard of great formula,  to see it can be done successfully in alternative ways. The reason The Bats as a character has survived for so long, is due to the characters ability to survive, no matter how many different ways his story is told. LEGO even did a good job, in at least celebrating his long lineage of diversity. I think Batman also owes much of his success to such a stable of great characters, not overlooking at all the credit that goes to the ideal duality The Joker represents to the Batman.

Idealogical, Truly.

Ideological, Truly.

I’ll save my intense admiration for their exchanges brief, as ATE’s heart belongs to games and not comics, but god damn if they aren’t a fantastic couple. If nothing else, we have to keep experimenting with ways of how to get these two together more often, just to see new ways of pushing the old Bats buttons. I have a theory I concocted while playing Lego Batman, and one I had slightly mused about while playing the first Arkham game.

We all know the Batman is insane, but it doesn’t help that he deals with the most insane? of them all (The Joker), prompting extreme paranoia. I mean, whenever Batman shows up to a crime scene, he always has to assume it’s one of three people. For example, let’s say The Batman is investigating, and he sees a little batch of killer flowers.

It could be one of three people:

1. Poison Ivy
2. Clayface pretending to be Poison Ivy
3. The Joker

Oh, and if Clayface or Poison are actually involved with the killer flowers appearance, I’m gonna speculate The Joker was the one who got either of them involved.

Just to be safe.

At This Point, No Matter Who's Name Is Dropped In A Batman Story Line, I Will Always Guess "The Jokers Responsible", Just To Be Safe.

At This Point, No Matter Who’s Name Is Dropped In A Batman Story Line, I Will Always Guess “The Jokers Responsible”, Just To Be Safe.

The Dark Knight has continued to impress me, regardless if his appearance is devised through grittiness, LEGO’s, or Ed Boon. I’m more excited to get my hands on the portable outing of Origins, just due to it’s portable and supposedly more Castlevania-like gameplay, but I still have fair expectations about the console version, and seeing The Batman back in action.

Batman Pow

Let’s Hope For Origins Sake, The Arkham Series Has Still Got Some POW Left In It



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