Sampler Platter

Hey Gamers,

Yesterday’s post was basically a slew of jokes taking the piss out of Mass Effect. No, nothing about it was topical, but that’s what I get for relying on liner notes from a year and a half ago. Then again, it’s always more funny in retrospect.

I'd be laughing so hard right now, if I had a fucking mouth.

For example, laughing at this when it first happened was initially a challenge, as the players involved didn’t even have a fucking mouth.

That’s a shame.

Moving on to more topical matters, we’re reminded that familiar is good for Xbox One fans, why optimization will make Sony’s followers satisfied, and why Nintendo is more than happy to do the same shit twice. Not that that’s ever really been a bad thing.

I Made No Promises About Transparency, However.

Just A Confusing Thing.

Fun can be confusing however, and often times, benefits from a lack of solid credibility. Sometimes leaving “it vague” can lead you to a greater satisfaction, if for nothing else than the reliance of someone else’s imagination.

Explanations Can Be Such Cheap Poetry

Explanations Can Be Such Cheap Poetry

I’m regressing into my back catalog of gaming thought, which can lead to some serious pain. Not that all serious pain is bad of course, which is something Capcom has become extremely comfortable with. I’m very glad SFIV did so well, the series was due for some long overdue recognition in the new gen of consoles, and something that has helped the fighting game genre immensely. Not as if the fighting game genre can’t survive without Street Fighter, but it’s a preferred symbiosis that I believe everyone gains proper nutrition from, directly or non directly.

Others still, seem unhealthy, no matter the external factors involved, no matter how medicated.

Does The Soul Still Burn?

Does The Soul Still Burn?

Too much nostalgia can be dangerous, but when a giant like Capcom makes regular money on the very same idea, with endless repetition, you see a shared road with many other non related aspects from gaming. The big three,  genres, companies and game series alike, all fall whim to the “better safe than sorry syndrome”. As if going into a gaming restaurant, and always ordering the “action burger”, when they could get a dynamic sampler platter at a much cheaper price. The experimentation isn’t worth the fear of failure, and the possibility that, just maybe, things will be slightly different.

Just Slightly.

Just Slightly.

When you have something people want, they’ll enjoy what you do with it, even if it deals with the death of a horse, and the subsequent beating of it. Sometimes, it doesn’t really matter if you beat your own concept to death and beyond.

It Just Matters That People Still Want To Remember It.

It Just Matters That People Still Want To Remember It.



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