Nobody Suspects A Thing

Hey Gamers,

Some very important things happened today…

Just Kidding, It's Video Games.

Just Kidding, It’s Video Games.

No joke about how fucked that Dragonite is though. I can poke fun at the thought of “radiating a fairy aura” all I want, but you can bet your ass that Dragonite doesn’t find this shit funny in the slightest.

Neither Does Slowpoke, But He'll Get It Eventually.

Slowpoke Doesn’t Yet Realize How Funny It Is. He’ll Get It Eventually.

Nah, after dealing with some paralyzing forms of PTSD, digging up old realities that make up my current fantasies (and no, I did not mix those hyperlinks up), and even enjoying sexy Brazilian privacy, I thought I’d take a moment to enjoy the quieter things in gaming life. The stealthier things.

The wigglier things.

Eat Your Heart Out Peter Townsend.

Eat Your Heart Out Peter Townsend.

And Octodad is one of the wiggliest things I know, though you wouldn’t suspect it, at first glance (citation needed). For anyone not familiar, Octodad is a delightfully silly indie game, that launched as a free to play web title a couple of years ago, and things have escalated since then. I feel like I can’t talk about the game enough, as words fail to do justice to the new hero of the stealth genre.

Just Look At Those Skills, The Guy Next To Octodad Doesn't Even Suspect He Isn't A Regular Basketball Player.

Unbelievably Convincing: The Guy Next To Octodad Doesn’t Even Suspect He Isn’t A Regular Basketball Player.

If you haven’t tried the game already, I couldn’t give a higher recommendation for a must play video game experience. Not to say this is the best game you’ll play all year, but it may be the most charming. See, part of the allure of Octodad, other than the hilarious premise of hiding his true identity, is the gameplay mechanics. In a true to life fourth wall kind of honesty, the game is very imperfect, originally representing a student project. This was used to clever advantage, however, as the controls of Octodad fit perfectly to how you’d think an Octopus may actually move on land, and what that would look like to an audience at large.

Something Iggy Pop Fans Have No Doubt Been Debating About For Decades.

Something Iggy Pop Fans Have No Doubt Been A Witness Too For Decades.

The game has an endless supply of charm as a result; mastering the controls for Octodad almost seems as if the main source of enjoyment, which is ideal, because you’ll never truly figure them out. This bizarre dichotomy of satisfaction serves the awkward  stealth gameplay exceedingly well, as you give as honest an effort as Octodad does,  in just trying to fit into the human world. This interesting consequence of ludo narrative harmony, does a better job of immersing you into the reality of Octodad, more so than many other games with far bigger budgets could ever dream of doing.

You can never really tell when you’re winning or losing, because you’re giggling the entire time either is happening.

Come To Think Of It, I Guess There Really Is No Losing In Octodad.

Come To Think Of It, I Guess There Really Is No Losing In Octodad.

Definitely a win win kind of game. Non of this is in jest, and I mean with complete sincerity Octodad provides the best kinds of laughs, which most video games can only struggle to do with carefully thought out punchlines. When you are the vehicle of hilarity, and in essence, the walking punchline, you bring the humor with you, signified by every failed step and funny stumble along the way. I’ve had such a blast with just the original and meager offering of the first free to play game, seeing Octodad’s next installment at Sony’s big E3 indie reveal, was one of the things that got me the most excited during the show.

You know, the show that detailed the next generation of video game consoles.

Deal With It.

Deal With It.

Octodad: Dadliest Catch is on it’s way, and I think perfectly embodies why the indie movement is so important in video games. Past indie success like Castle Crashers, Braid, Super Meat Boy, and even old school mod projects like DOTA, have helped to add to our gaming culture, and in some cases, even drastically altered the landscape.

Can You Imagine A FPS World Where De_Dust Doesn't Exist? I Don't Want To Either.

Can You Imagine A FPS World Where Dust Doesn’t Exist? I Don’t Want To Either.

What I mean to say is, these smaller games would not have come to fruition, if it weren’t for the powerful devotion to video games these creators exhibited. Many of these experiences could have only been created by singular minds, or smaller teams, in order to have retained their distilled sense of raw playing power. Octodad exists as one of the rawest senses of video game enjoyment, in and outside of aquatically themed gaming puns. It’s a game that offers so much for so little, and has a sense of minimalism you’d never see from a triple A title behemoth.

As a lover of stealth, original concepts, and simply having fun with video games, Octodad seems to be an experience that can stand with the best of them.

The Quietest Heroes Of Our Day.


Well, stands with the best of them might have been a poor choice of words.



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