Sexy Brazilian Privacy

Hey Gamers,

Many of you have likely been beaten into a reaction to this shocking punch , but that doesn’t make the impact any less of a jolt. My sympathies go out to all of my Brazilian gaming brother and sisters, and the terrible suffering they must be going through.



Okay, that looks nice…but I’m sure there’s suffering going on. The Ps4 and Xbox One will only run me $1000 collectively in a single week, and that’s still causing me ghost pains in my wallet pocket, and the pain hasn’t even been inflicted yet.

If the PS4 is going to cost $1800 in Brazil, I’m guessing the games will come with the bare minimum suggested retail price of first born. Hoping no one in Brazil was interested in picking up the Move for the PS4…

…cause this shit is gonna cost an arm and a leg!

Seen Here: Brazillian Gamers On The Launch Day Of The PS4.

Seen Here: Brazillian Gamers On The Launch Day Of The PS4.

Truly a shitty state of affairs, so all joking aside Brazilian gamers. The alternative is to just buy an Xbox One, with the only trade off being a possible and complete invasion of your sexy Brazilian privacy. Or, if you believe Microsoft to truly be the American Pig Dogs that they really are, import the PS4 online and be done with the fucking issue. Hell, if you really wanted to be hardcore (but not like, $1800 hardcore), buying a plane ticket to the states to buy a PS4 would likely be cheaper, and you’d be the most proactive son of a bitch gamer the world has ever seen.

I take that back, second most.

Hawking Is A Fucking Beast At Quake 2.

Hawking Is A Fucking Beast At Quake 2.

Sincerely, my sympathies overshadow my jokes for gamers in Brazil, I’m just taking full advantage of the area’s mention while I still can. I haven’t been able to topically make fun of the region in regards to gaming, since the 8-bit era, when Brazil was the only singular country where the Sega Master System actually outsold the Nintendo Entertainment System.

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