Rare Is Now

Hey Gamers,

Despite being entertaining (citation needed), yesterday’s post came out wrong.

For Once, Not Your Fault Peter.

Don’t Look Offended Peter. For Once, It Wasn’t Your Fault.

I was discussing the sad reality of Watch_Dogs being delayed, but was so taken by the premise behind Wind Waker in my comparison, I was derailed in a moment of mass distraction. This may have been a byproduct of my enjoyment of the title in the recent week, and how Wind Waker has been floating around my psyche ever since. I suppose when you immerse yourself so fully into another reality,  you start to enjoy the sensory deprivation, and forget to come up to breathe every once in awhile.

Seen Here: Someone Caught In The Act Of Auto-Erotic Asphyxiation.

Seen Here: Someone Caught In The Act Of Auto-Erotic Asphyxiation.

I’m not sure at what moment Xbox One jokes will cease to be funny, then again, they may never not be funny again. I know I’m still laughing at this absurdity, seven years after the fact. If giant enemy crabs still have some staying power as relevant humor, the Xbox One reveal may forever be doomed to the depths of hilarity. With absurdity in mind, I assert how effortless it becomes to get caught up in the hype, even if you know the hype exists outside of whatever is really happening. The few moments both coincide, the fictional levels of excitement matching up with the reality of legitimate quality, are rare moments indeed.

Rare Indeed.

Rare Indeed.

Now a days, not even Rare can be Rare, as it turns out. Which is all well and good, as what actually consisted of Rare once upon a time, are still looking for ways to try and wow us once again, something they don’t seem to have too much trouble with. I’m sure many old school enthusiasts, much like myself, are more than psyched they are still giving it a go, despite having been in the industry for so long. I imagine the boys have never done a Kickstarter, due to them knowing they don’t need help being awesome, not that there’s anything wrong with asking for assistance, from time to time.

With A Little Help From My Friends.

With A Little Help From My Friends.

Observing my older post, involving a desire for more monkey combat in my day to day, or losing my mind by trying to capture the wild schemes of infinity, I’m foreseeing some kind of new 90’s-retro revival incoming. As many intelligent people have noticed before me, culture can be cyclical, and specific subsets even more so. We are destined to seek the past, and recreate the future in it’s image, whether intentionally or unintentionally. I have a feeling, now that gamers have enjoyed the movement of the 8-bit march, we will soon seek more depth and dimension to our noisy nostalgia.

Though, this does beg the question, how can you revive what has not died? Then you begin to understand one man’s 3D is another man’s memory.



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