Feeling Smashed

Hey Gamers,

I went on yesterday, at great lengths, about being the very best, like no one ever was.

Eh, Pretty Much.

Eh, Pretty Much.

The post was more in reference to Project M, which is technically a Brawl derivative…which is technically a Melee derivative.

The whole thing was very derivative.

Don't Look At Me Like That. You Know What You Are.

Don’t Look At Me Like That. You Know What You Are.

Riding on my barely cohesive attempts at segways, I go from talking about conflicting derivatives, to raw combative originals. After hearing the news Mewtwo was to be playable in Project M, it was brought to me attention that a new episodic documentary was out, that detailed the competitive scene of Melee called “The Smash Brothers”. I’ve only watched episode one, but I’m already taken aback by the content. I have huge bias here, Smash Bros is, to use the proper parlance of our times, my jam, and any project that raises awareness for the  gaming industry is guaranteed to get my seal of approval.

Guaranteed May Be A Strong Word.

Guaranteed May Be A Strong Word.

I’d say The Smash Brothers has held my interest in similar manners that The Indie Game Movie, or even more aptly, The King of Kong has. An honest look, with no real glamour or bullshit. Just gamers, the games, and a whole bunch of gaming going down. The industry has a way of getting sidetracked by this superfluous sense of need, padding our game experience, or our media surrounding our game experience, with “emotional narrative”, or “cinematic qualities, or “downloadable content”.

Heavy Focus Of Quotes On The Downloadable Content.

Heavy Quotes On The Downloadable Content Mention.

The industry gets so bloated with redundant monotony and disrespectful cash grabs, it takes something a simple as a camera watching people simply game, that reminds me of how simple everything really could be, and how simply over the top developers and publishers force it not to be. The second publishers and developer realize what we all want is unfettered access in just playing their games, is the monent than we could move towards real progress for the industry. In some cases, like the criminal case of Capcom’s chaos, they may be so far gone, fans want little more from them, before wanting to see the company break entirely.

Pictured Here: Capcom Fans With A Simple Message-"When Mega Man Legends 3 Is Released, Then You Have My Permission To Die.

Pictured Here: Capcom Fans With A Simple Message-“When Mega Man Legends 3 Is Finally Released, Then You Have My Permission To Die.

Speaking of which, Capcom has recently announced a special contest for Mega Man 10, in order to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the little Blue Bomber. The prize for those who win, is a sweet looking Mega Man statue. I’d be more excited, but I’m thoroughly expecting for Capcom to post a video the day the contest ends, of them pissing on all of the Mega Man statues, and then throwing them directly into a furnace.

They’ve done more inflammatory things, after all.

Worse Things



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