The Ultimate Choice

Hey Gamers,

Don’t get too excited about the foreboding article name, there’s really no choice to begin with.

I am of course referring to the choice between sex and violence.

Others choose not to debate whatsoever.

Many choose not to debate whatsoever.

That last punchline may have been quite misleading, as the special edition of Dead Island inspired nothing but debate. I should have gone with something a little more fan approved in the realm of sexy or violent, such as Dead or Alive, or Metal Gear Solid 5, or Tomb Raider, Or Mass Effect, or any Fighting Game for that matter…

The list is actually pretty fucking endless.

The list is actually pretty fucking endless.

While I continue to fight on the side of equality, this post really isn’t about what’s right and what’s not, and is more about just questioning what “right” is. I think everyone can agree, sex rocks, no doubt. On a fictional level, violence can be entertaining as hell. I think that video games just have a way of using either as a crutch, instead of an inspiration or underlying message. I don’t expect all of my media to be so forward minded about itself, but I suppose that might be half the problem.

Pictured: The Other Half.

Pictured: The Other Half.

The age old problem of paring business with art is one that’s been discussed a million times over, and one I’ve pondered about in the recent past. The whole “is sex and violence destroying our society” question, when correlated with media, always seem like it isn’t going deep enough for me. While I think most reasonable people, would favor sex over violence any day of the week, I don’t think either is wholly good or bad. It’s presence in media is often abused, and used as a way to reach such a mass of people, as they are such understandable subjects with a broad appeal.

As mentioned, sex or violence in many contexts, have time and place, and aren’t necessarily abhorrent…until you factor in the other half of the problem. The one that may make the examination of which is worse, sex or violence, this “ultimate choice”, irrelevant to begin with.

The only real choice.

The only real choice.

Video games are business after all, and at least in their realm, asking whether sex or violence is worse, is a pointless question. The ultimate choice one has to make, at least when boiled down to the basic of capitalism and commerce, isn’t which is worse.

It’s about which one is going to make me more money?

For those involved with business, the ultimate choice swiftly becomes rhetorical.




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