It’s A U, Mario!

Hey Gamers,

My honest desire to write, is second only to my honest desire to game.

Even if my desires aren't so honest when either is happening.

Even if my desires aren’t so honest when either is happening.

This caught my eye earlier, when I was going about my daily harvest of relevant gaming sustenance (previous picture unrelated). At first glance, it seems Kotaku was trying to take the piss out of Mario games, but their honest assertion of not being “truly excited” for a Mario game, has been shared by the gaming community for some time.

Their quick to point out the series is always consistently fun, but all things in context. We are discussing the biggest gaming icon known to man, so the logic follows that he would have the biggest games. Not to say it’s been forever since a fantastic Mario title, which is why I think the regular observations of “stagnation” are relaxed in their accusation, and tame in their execution.

Which isn't something I can say about everyone passing judgement on the Mushroom Kingdom.

Which isn’t something I can say about everyone passing judgement on the Mushroom Kingdom.

I remember reading this awhile back, and was stunned I hadn’t come to similar conclusions before hand. Then again, I can’t claim ownership of every gaming truth in existence, and D-Toid is good people. Others may have pointed out the very same, even before Ponce had, but he successfully brought to my attention the truth about newer Mario titles.

Many of the “Pre New” Mario Games (How Ridiculous), possessed some kind of quirky aesthetic, or defining visual characteristic. Mario 2, a dreamscape, Yoshi’s Island, a kind of story book motif. Even Sunshine, which has been viewed more favorably in recent years, now seems dripping with atmosphere, within it’s wet and wild tropical subset of Isle Delfino.

How fitting then, that the “New” Super Mario Bros, fails to kick ass by showing it’s age.

Not that showing your age has any baring on your ability to kick ass.

Not that showing your age has any bearing on your ability to kick ass.

So while I do believe Mario should take a page out of the book of Snake, with mustache at the ready, the series embracing it’s age, would in turn lend itself to continuing to experiment. For such a formulaic franchise, Mario games are visually daring in their design, so as to remind us the players, why jumping is still so much god damn fun.

Super Mario 3D World’s attempt at this, at least in one respect, is the games newest powerup, which comes in the form of a cat suit. Brilliant I say, as Mario’s powerups have helped to define him as a versatile character. Even putting aside the machinations of the Mario series, messing around with a cat always delivers with tons of laughs.

Or Blood.

Or Blood.

Super Mario 3D world doesn’t stop at the casual inclusion of a cat costume. When looking at everything on display, it’s easy to see why 3D World may not even need a visually daring world to entice us. We start with the cat suit, and we move on from there, which includes (but is not limited too) exploding soccer balls, being in direct control of cannibalistic plant life, and a dragon turtle trying to murder you with a pimp mobile.

Totally Not Kidding.

Totally Fucking Serious.

All things considered, we may have hit the jackpot on this one. Super Mario 3D World is looking like the first New New Mario game in some time, who’s effected  by age in only one regard, which is the game’s old school want to bring honor back to the house that Mario built.



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