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Late To The Party

Hey Gamers,

Longtime readers should be able to discern what inspired the name of today’s post.

Guess again.

Guess again.

No, not the mention of my favorite neighborhood mimic, however memorable Gogo may be. I refer to my uncanny ability to get a post in every month, at the buzzer, in some contrived sense of site loyalty. Not that my posts have been all for naught, in fact, my last one was filled to the brim with fun and excitement.

See? That looks like lots of fun!

See? That looks like lots of fun!

Initially, I was referring to Nintendo when I posted this picture, in response to their no show at E3. While I still feel awkward in even mentioning the decision, I don’t believe it was make or brake for The Big N. That would relate more to their marketing issues, and people still not even really knowing the Wii U is a new fucking console. That’s far more worrying, and does more damage than any bad press conference could ever do.

Then again...


Microsoft is no longer in danger, of course. It took a Carousel ride worth of turn around’s to do it, but the taint of the early on decisions will slowly be forgotten by everyone except the most dedicated. These initially and poorly conceived policies ¬†may have been secondary regardless. Sony is selling their console for $100 less of what Microsoft is. Many love their games, but even more love their wallets.

And very few enjoy the Kinect.

Both groups of people, however, both dislike the Kinect.

The launch is fast approaching, and I don’t even feel as if I’m fully prepared for it. How could one be, in all reality? Not that I believe this generation should have gone on any longer, it’s longevity was appropriate, late comers to the party like The Last of Us and GTA V can tell us that much. Perhaps my ever growing pile of unplayed games, alerts me to some grim reality, where wanting to play is a more feasible effort of enjoyment than actually playing them. So many factors may contribute to this: a bloated industry, expanding¬†responsibilities, the fatal honesty of too much choice being a bad thing.

Something I even hypocritically deny, from time to time.

Something I even hypocritically deny, from time to time.

I will fully embrace the PS4 and Xbox One, when they finally launch in November. My one desire is that the embracing will be by arms length, and not merely in spirit.



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