Quickie: Not So Fast

Hey Gamers,

In Friday’s post, I attempted a philosophical observation, pushing myself to explore the unknown.

I bit off more than I could chew.

I bit off more than I could chew.

However, that is half the fun of pondering such great truths, or at least challenging to understand them. One of my own speculations, as to why I’ve been so ponderous on ATE lately, is due to the rapidly expanding horizons in video game culture. There existed one time, in one place, where I considered myself to be “in the know” and “on top of things”.

In the far off past of 2008.

In the far off past of 2008.

Even just the recent addition of The Ouya to my game collection reminds me of some of the ever increasing alternatives I face, in contending with everything gaming has to offer. I enjoy this endless struggle, sure, but I’m not sure how many people are going to be thrilled in keeping in pace with it all. My current thought process may be deluded by my own eclectic tastes, and severe advocate dedication to gaming as a medium.

Considering current expansion rates however, I’d argue to say there’s nothing medium about video games at all anymore.


Ice T is not amused

Ice T is not amused

Which is where my mention of The Ouya comes in. I know time will be the true telling of what the system has to offer, but at least it’s offering something different. In a gaming world of excessive budgets, several year wait periods, and massive political grabs of control, couldn’t we all do with something a little more digestible? This infinite growth syndrome we’re suffering in gaming, is a plague that effects much larger portions of reality. The tragic truth of the matter, is that infinite growth never works, and when we want bigger and better all the time, the only thing left to do after critical mass is attained and we still aren’t satiated, we end up readjusting our expectations.

At that point, it’s all just a little too late.

And we’re all reduced to becoming a running joke.

Running Joke



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