Quickie: Quickly Quick

Hey Gamers.

For any of the regular readers paying due attention, one thing has been made abundantly clear.

I didn't kill my wife.

I didn’t kill my wife.

Err…no. That’s not what I meant to say…what was it again? AH Yes! I have a penchant for referencing Tommy Lee Jones

He doesn't care.

He doesn’t care.

Non-sequitors aside, I use this moment as a reminder, that ATE is about to become a much more “erratic experience”.

Okay, more erratic.

Err…more erratic.

I refer to my new contribution work on both gamersyndrome.com and gotgame.com, both fine gaming sites in which to get groovy on. While my prefaced warning has already come about face, I must indeed enforce the notion of apology. It’s not like I want to stop making you cringe with odd and loosely related photos of movies in contextualizing gaming, but sometimes it’s not about what you want.

ATE Hannibale

Seen Here: My feelings on DRM.

I know this seems like an inopportune moment for relocation, what with both the next Xbox reveal happening tomorrow, and E3 right around the corner

…but I’m pretty sure that’s why I’m needed elsewhere in the gaming universe right about now. Rest assured, ATE will not go abandonded, as you can look forward to random rants, gaming greatness, and New Muranica’s…

…just not in any predictable fashion.

Sexiness will find a way.

Sexiness will find a way.

Happy Gaming,


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