Quickie: The Few, The Proud, The Rest of Us

Hey Gamers.

This new era of gaming is a fascinating one. I’m gaming in a time where so many titles exist, I regularly turn down free video games. I’m afraid a gluttony of entertainment will create some rampant level of delusion with in me, making me weak and more susceptible to bullshit.

In essence, I’m making a better effort in having less fun.

Don't give me that look.

Don’t give me that look.

Perhaps that was phrased rather extremely, but I’m faced with self-entitlement on too frequent a basis to believe video games owe me something, or that I’m always deserving of more. I’m not, and they don’t, end of story. I’m just wise enough to know where to find the video games I’m not playing, and appreciate the idea that someone, somewhere, is enjoying them.

Steam Sales are a hell of a drug.

Steam Sales are a hell of a drug.

I might just be in a very odd vocal minority, where I’m re-buying games I already own to support certain developers, and buying soundtracks I could get for free,  as I believe making me smile is worth more than a penny.

To re-iterate: I’m a crappy capitalist.

I’m also terribly forgetful. I was so distracted by the marvels of old school survival horror, I completely forgot to learn of new wonders involving the grim and ghastly.

Chris Carter’s preview of The Last of Us, reminds me that Naughty Dogs extended silence has not gone without merit. The Last of Us is pushing all the right buttons for me, frightening, silent, deadly…a proper entry into survival horror, where the powerless and the suffering represent a savory norm.

I love it rough.

I love it rough.

Chris points out in his early build demo, the exchanges between Joel and Ellie, the two main characters, is raw and believable. Survival Horror works best when it involves characters you can get behind, that you don’t really want seen hurt, but live for the moments they’re about to die. Observing such a perverse environment, is only really entertaining if you are a witness to the poor bastards undeserving of their miserable fates.

I recall a quote from David Hayter (voice of Solid Snake), commenting that it’s far more interesting to see how the hero is hurt, and how hard they can get their ass kicked before it’s all over.

Or even after they've faced The End, in this case.

Or even after they’ve faced The End, in this case.

Even aside from The Last of Us, and it’s encouragement of the silent and scary, I really do think Naughty Dog was brave for going with a young girl as one of the main characters. Considering the recent and on going slew of gender talk in video games, I believe Ellie will help to change a paradigm well needing a mix up, involving gender awareness and general equality as a whole. With outlandish reports of sexist box art nonsense, and Naughty Dog going out of their way to introduce plenty of female presence in the game’s creation, The Last of Us is a title that looks to be proud of who it is, in all manners.

With Bioshock and Tomb Raider also helping to lead the charge in female empowerment, I’m just glad to see some love for my gaming sisters of the world.

Edit: Not that kind of love, not these kinds of sisters.

Edit: Not that kind of love, and not these kinds of sisters.

Women game too, after all.

Happy Gaming,


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