The Calm Before The Storm

Hey Gamers.

With everything to consider about the rest of the year, and even just this next month, changes are everywhere in our gaming horizons. Microsoft is set to unveil their Next Xbox on the 21st, E3 is set to launch on the 7th of June, and the 8th generation of gaming will be in full swing by year’s end.  Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo pitting the best of their best against each other in a battle for console supremacy.

…and that’s only in our predictable futures, leaving out any surprises from new challengers entering the ring, or any other chaos that follows.

If I were to venture boldly and make a familiar analogy, let’s say an average Twinkie represents the normal amount of video gaming in a given year. Based on recent and upcoming announcements, it would be a Twinkie… thirty-five feet long, weighing approximately six hundred pounds.

That's a big twinkie.

That’s a big twinkie.

Even within my own idiom, I’m venturing forth into a brave new world, and delving into intoxicating kinds of madness, the kind even my own verbosity is having a hard time articulating.

This guy knows what I'm talking about

This guy knows what I’m talking about.

With all of this gearing up, and approaching unavoidably at full tilt, I lie down in some shock and awe. As a gamer and thinker, my own devises are divided, one part of me excited for the intensity of discovery sure to follow, and the other part of me, curious all the while of how hard it’s gonna hit. 

Seen Here: Me. Not Pictured: Gaming.

Seen Here: Me.
Not Pictured: Gaming.

I’m eager to see how it all goes down, being right there as gaming’s memetic legacy grows, and rich histories follow suit.

I know that with every generation, improbably so, we always have a new leader, someone else out in front doing something spectacular. It’s at this point in my own alliances, to the ideal of video games, the medium , I’m happiest of all. I know for a myriad of reasons, many game without reason, without purpose, and with bias. I wish them well in their own gaming pursuits, and how they choose to have fun.

The ideal of video games, to me, is being happy in the fantastic. I am pleased with my own spectrum of variety in this regard, being platform agnostic and ideologically free, to play and enjoy games in all walks of virtual life. Even without mode or motive, my brothers and sisters of gaming, may we enjoy the events that will unfold in the near future, so that we may all revel in something fantastic and new…

Whether that be with new ways to game, new ways to laugh…

Or just new ways to fuck it all up.

Or just new ways to fuck it all up

Nintendo, Microsoft, or Sony…if you fuck this up for me…

Happy Gaming,


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