Quickie: Games in your Games

Hey Gamers,

In discussing games on such a regular basis, us gamers are never in short supply of some new gaming to look forward to. Game news always motivates me to discuss the semantics of game design, and the gaming truths it helps to govern. All of this game philosophy and game discussion helps in unfolding possible gaming futures in store for we the gamers. All of this game chat continues to push the boundaries of acceptable gaming, and gaming has become so gamey, in fact, that gaming while gaming, may be the only way to game, gaming forward.

ATE Wonka Future Joke

This recent game news, following on the steps of this other recent game news, expands the gaming dialogue of us: the gamers, and how we will be gaming in our games. These new facets of meta-games, represent just one more tier of gaming,  in a long line of gaming that takes gaming, to a whole new gaming level. Many have discussed the effects of gamification, and what it can mean for video games, and gaming in the future.  I think it’s an important game conversation for gamers to have, in moving forward with gaming, and the games those games will have for gamers, and what that will mean for gaming and gamers alike.

I think all of this represents an interesting dichotomy, not only in gaming, but in all aspects of non-gaminess. This may act out as a cautionary tale for all who game, in helping us to realize once we’ve gamed too far, we will never be able to game the same way again. In morphing non-games into games, reality and gaming reality will blur so heavily together, the only way for us to take a break from gaming, is by gaming with different games, sometimes without even knowing we’re gaming. The Pavlovian possibilities, inside and outside of games, are endless and frightening. This slow transformation of basic reality, in an attempt to create an infinite game realm, where gaming emotions and gaming acts are forever slathered in so much gaminess, we will always game more games than we will ever know how to game with.

Alternatively, we will never stop gaming, and ergo, gaming will consume gamers, with an infinite paradox of games: gamers be damned.

This may spell gloom and doom for non-gamers, but I for one can’t wait to game while gaming, so that I may game the hardest fucking game imaginable. Continually gaming to show my gaming worth,  I will game even while not gaming, and then game so more. The endless paradigm of games will be so forever and continual, that I will begin to absorb games through my endless act of gaming, and progressively game so much…



Gametastic Gaming,


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