A Change of Pace

Hey Gamers,

I bring a bit of bad news today.

Seen Here: Sonic reacting angrily to the assumption I'm about to make at his expense.

Seen Here: Sonic reacting angrily to the assumption I’m about to make a joke at his expense.

While I’ve done more than an adequate job in updating the site on a regular basis, I’m afraid it’s about time for a change of pace.

A serious consideration many of us could benefit from in moving forward.

A serious consideration many of us could benefit from in moving forward.

While my goal and mission in creating ATE was to spread the gaming love, I did so full well knowing I had to raise awareness, in turn, of myself. Being an effective ambassador (of gaming), means the more people you can reach, the more lives you can effect.

Exhibit A

For Example

Now, while I have no plans or notions to abandon the minor greatness of ATE, I must be frank. I have found recent luck in finding writing work else where, and must be honest with these new priorities. Considering the positive opportunities they represent. I must put them first, and keep ATE at a close second. As noted, this site will not become a graveyard of past endeavors, but the more frequent updates are likely to stall moving forward, or until I may find a fair balance between the two.

In short, a change of pace.

Now, I know what you must be thinking.



Fear not loyal readers! ATE will always represent a forever and ongoing project, in observing and struggling against the truths of gaming. If nothing else, Encyclopedia Muranica will always need assured safe haven, and ATE represents the ideal sanctuary. A proper place of rest for Muranica, and everything that entails: my gaming thoughts, my earnest ideals, and my awkward references to both.

I shit you not.

I shit you not.

In the mean time, or if I’m ever away for too long, you will be able to find some future fumblings of mine on gotgame.com and gamersyndrome.com I thank you kindly for giving me the time of your gaming day, and hold my horns up high that we are all lucky enough to every once in  awhile, find a change of pace.

Happy Gaming,


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