Quickie: More than Fine

Hey Gamers.

I bring forth tidings of great gaming joy, despite my habitual tendencies in leaving the weekends absent of chaos.

Also a possible attempt at trying to avoid the insanity that can represent celebrate one's mother.

Also a possible attempt at trying to avoid the insanity that can represent celebrating  one’s mother.

I bring to you but a nugget of info, but one that has entertained me in the recent past. I mentioned Double Fine’s Humble Bundle last Tuesday, among other insane offerings. The pack of games doing well to remind you of how bad ass gaming can be, and doing so with some sweets, and the power of metal.

Metal and cake make the day taste great.

Pictured: A relevant example of this kind of awesome.

In correlation to my post on Thursday, in regards to how fascinating the behind the scene of game design can be, I was thrilled to stumble upon this little gem. Reddit hosted a Q&A with Tim Schafer, in relation to him hyping (needlessly but thankfully so), the value within his own Humbler Bundle. The questions are all over the place of course, discussing everything and anything from mind diving to daily tentacles. A great read if you love Tim, his games, or just gaming in general.

Social Media continues to represent powerful tools of communication, and the good comes with the bad. They are advertising tools, in a certain sense, and many people are just trying to sell themselves. Luckily, there are those who wish to sell entertainment and or value, which is something not many Facebook statuses can brag about.

Happy Gaming,


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