Quickie: That Old Familiar Feeling

Hey Gamers.

I usually save the weekends for some well needed gaming. The downtime represents a far more selfish approach in my posts….

…in that there are none.

No Posts For You.

No Posts For You.

I was feeling a bit more generous today, in handing out a few gaming morsels for us to delight in. After all, there always seems to be more gaming to savor, the news doesn’t stop just because I do. In today’s quickie, I redirect your attention to the fast approaching launch of Resident Evil: Revelations, which first launched on the 3Ds early last year. I was initially excited for the title, because of it’s unabashed focus on a return to proper survival horror, something the main series has been woefully absent of.

Likely Due To Capcom's Own Misguided Machinations

Likely Due To Capcom’s Own Misguided Machinations

Aside from some financial after thoughts in the realm of the frigthening, we were stuck with a series that had been shambling along for too long. Revelations looked to return to classic form, and given the overall reception of the title, it looks as if the game succeeded. I say looks like, because despite my own obsession with the original games, I didn’t end up grabbing the title when it released. This bothered me after the fact, due to wanting to support the right products. My regular gaming queue is so backed up, I lost sight of the game too easily, and pushed against my own want in  sending Capcom the right message: we want the scary back.

Real Scary.

ATE Real Scary

As In, I’m Scared While Playing The Game, Not As In I’m Scared To Play The Game.

Despite my failings, it seems as if I’ll get another shot at supporting the product right at launch. I still have plans to buy the original on the 3DS mind you, to continue my struggle in justifying the Circle Pad Pro, which stands as just one more perfunctory accessory in the grand scheme of Nintendo.

Talk About Scary.

Talk About Scary.

Resident Evil: Revelations will be available May 21st on all major consoles. This obvious double dip, is a good sign the game was indeed successful enough, and looks to repeat that in a non-portable arena. Whether or not Capcom is going about pricing wrong, or that the title will meet ridiculous expectations, is still in the air. They continue to release developer diaries in creating more hype, and providing further insight into the creation process of proper horror. Capcom released a new diary today, this one provoking panic from the player.

Though, You Probably Already Know My Philosophy In This Regard.

Though, You Probably Already Know My Philosophy In This Regard.

In any case, for those who didn’t play Revelations the first go around, and anyone looking to be reminded of why Resident Evil was so awesome, once upon a time, take a look. The developer diaries are a nice look at how the team at Capcom went about trying to scare the #^$& out of you, and offer some entertaining incentive in preparing you for a well needed shot in the arm of survival horror.

Diary #1:

Diary #2:

Diary #3:

Happy Gaming,


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