Double Take: Long Live The King

Hey Gamers. While not a quickie per say, today’s post is of a quicker nature. Among the many topics on ATE I write about, I do feel remorse in not living in the past on a more frequent basis. Nostalgia is a large part of why we game, and observing history can be an integral part of creating our future.

Other times, we're doomed regardless.

Other times, we’re fucked regardless.

Whatever destiny awaits us, we can always take a moment to look back at what has driven us to our current state of mind. I saw on D-Toid the other day, that some early beta builds of Conker’s Bad Fur Day had made their way into the hands of a lucky few. This was immediately exciting, as I always jump for joy to see what makes, or whats helped to make, games tick.

The video (for those lazy enough not to internet properly), can be found right here:

As some of you are no doubt familiar with, this infamous set piece was used in one of the funniest bits in the original…

Which can be found here:

The differences are shocking, and the tone changed completely from original premise to final product. Not only was the proposed premise far darker in tone, but represented the far grittier nature Bad Fur Day represented, from time to time. I think BFD worked well on so many levels, because it was seriously humorous and humorously serious at just the right moments.

In Comedy, Timing is Everything.

Much Like Comedy, Timing is Everything.

The retail release of the game, involving the two doctors, was no doubt layered subtext about the game’s graphic nature itself, and how many perceive the effects of violent games to have. I speculate further that the final joke, may very well have been in reference to the originally explicit contents of the scene getting cut out, due to unanimous approval that the squirrel operation was too dark to go through with.

The Electric Chair, However, Still PC.

The Electric Chair, However, Still PC.

I truly appreciate game design, in all of it’s aspects. Considering the giant Rare was back in the 90’s while developing on the N64, archived material like this BFD footage is a god damn gold mine. Beta footage can reveal a lot about how the title evolved, and can create a major dialogue of where or when a game got it right or wrong. In fact, this topic on hand has raised great scrutiny in the past, and one I’ve even directly addressed in my attempts at understanding the fairer sex.

At least in regards to why said sex isn't always treated the fairest.

At least in regards to understanding why said sex isn’t always treated the fairest.

I wish I had more time to delve deeper into my fond memories of Conker and his baddest of days, but alas, time is not on my side. With the fever that’s spawned within me, in admiring such random information in regards to the past, I will consider heavily how important dedicated game design discussion is for the future of ATE.

Further, much like I waxed nostalgic about games of my own past before, I promise a more in-depth double take on what I consider to be one of the best N64 games of all time, Conker’s Bad Fur Day.

Happy Gaming,


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