Re-imagining the Knife

Metal Gear Preview: Re-imagining the Knife

Active Time Event

Approaching a series that spans over two decades, the expectations of quality are set quite high. Metal Gear has existed in several successful forms, and has even pulled off a card battler with ease. The MG universe is ripe for exploration, and just because Solid Snake has since retired from the battlefield, doesn’t mean the fighting stops. Metal Gear Rising: Revegeance takes another look at the MG universe, this time, with a clean cut approach, and a familiar warrior to enter the fray.


Through a collaboration of Konami (Metal Gear Solid) and Platinum Games (Bayonetta), Metal Gear Rising looks to explore further the action side of the MG games, while maintaining the quality game play and story line quirks the series has been known for. Set four years after the events of MGS4, we explore the unexplored terrains as Raiden, who has been recently equipped with a new cyborg ninja suit, with…

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