Honing the Blade

Hey Gamers.

I have many ideas swirling around in my head, in regards to trying to entertain you, my dears gamers.

It's more entertaining that a Baby Ruth, I swear.

It’s more entertaining that a Baby Ruth, I swear.

While this site’s focus is video games, with the total number of staff member currently at one, I am definitely limited in scope in volume, and variety.

Sometimes, having neither.

Sometimes, having neither.

Despite this, I still have optimism that this site does two things very well:

1. Keep me from endlessly trying to speed run Doom 2 till my eyes fall out.
2. Is about video games.

Not a very lengthy resume, but others before me have have put forth resumes far worse.


For Example.

For Example.

What I’m driving at here, is I’m always open to posting experimentation and the like, and trying to stay on track with whats up in the gaming verse. While I don’t think my regular news posts, culture critique, or random rants are going anywhere, I realized a great many of you do enjoy the act of not only playing games, but reading about them.

Imagine that.

Perhaps a bad example.

Perhaps a bad example.

In any case, in an effort to continue to expand my own topical horizons, while entertaining at the same time, I bring new focus to ATE. I’ve only done a few scant previews in the past, and really only one official review to speak of. In this regard, I will make a point to pick a new game every week, and give you the low down, from top to bottom. I won’t have this replace other regular content I’ve spoken of, but it will help to create a better dichotomy of content in the long run. I will provide a preview at the beginning of the week, and will provide a review by weeks end, thusly finishing the cycle. I will also provide other first impressions or after thoughts, if the case arises. I know review scores are a hot topic and very contentious point of debate, but I can not ignore their valued reality.

Despite how silly it can all really be.

Despite, in reality, how silly it really is.

So, in following some form of standard procedure, I will rate games on a scale of 1-5. I find, at least in my musings of the subject, it best fits what I wish to say about the games, and how what qualities they have. Obviously, no system is perfect, as even a 5 out of 5, doesn’t understate the cultural significance of the aforementioned experience…but translating dozens of hours of emotional and abstract interactivity into a singular number is an incredibly flawed process to begin with.

Anyways, I wish to start my whole attempt with Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance, as it’s a title I’ve been meaning to get to for some time. Some of you may remember me having already written a preview for the game, which I will re-post now, out of loyalty to formula. I will than play the game throughout the week, and give you a full report by week’send. I’m hoping this further satiates those who are nice enough to give me the time of day, and helps to push my own gaming goals forward, in seeing the best (and worst) of what this crazy industry has to offer.

Happy Gaming,


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