Worst of Both Worlds

Hey Gamers.

Ah, so many games, and so little time…

...and the rocking on.

…and oh so much rocking on.

Today’s post was going to involve,  bears, birds, blood, and a bit of bald boisterousness.

Peter Molyneux, seen here, trying to eat an invisible sandwich.

Peter Molyneux, seen here, trying to eat an invisible sandwich.

Instead, we’re just going to focus on mostly the last one.

While it seems I dump on Peter Molyneux quite a bit, it’s because he provides a large enough target for pray and spray to work so easily. Pointing the canon of ridicule at, and making fun of Shigeru Miyamoto for example, is a far more difficult shot to land.

Because it looks like he's already laughing at your face.

Because it looks like he’s already laughing at your face.

In any case, as mentioned, one of the more interesting pieces of news comes from Peter “The Fable” Molyneux, and his reasonable insistence on focusing on what matters with game consoles…and that’s games.

“‘Look, I don’t want another way of looking at Facebook.’ You know, I’ve got all the ways of looking at Facebook. I don’t want another way of looking at Netflix. Just give me what I’ve paid my £299 for, and that is to play amazing, incredible computer games.”~ PM

One of Pete’s rarer moments of clarity, but not without merit. While recently dispelling doom in regards to Nintendo’s E3 no show, I had myself pondered this idiosyncrasy of modern day consoles, quickly realizing I had the very same thought not a few days prior. I had poked fun at MS, in regards to a number of ludicrous additions, and continue to admire this gloriously over bearing effort, in trying to create an end all be all hub”what if machine” out of the 360.

Pictured: A likely candidate for an Xbox 720 add on accessory.

Pictured: A likely candidate for an Xbox 720 add on accessory.

Peter brings to light one of my own points, and something us gamers should never forget. A console, at the end of the day, will live and die by the content of it’s library, and not the number of apps it can run in the back ground. I know society has this perverse want to combine all of their technology into some kind of Tony Stark engineered Swiss Army Knife, but we might be moving in the wrong direction here.


A consumer mock up of what they realistically want out of the Xbox 1440.

A consumer mock up of what they realistically want out of the Xbox 1440.

What I mean to say is, diluting functionality with other paired functionalities, will create a master of nothing rather than a jack of all trades. While I don’t deny enjoyment in watching Netflix on my Wii U game pad, checking activetimeevent.wordpress.com out on my Vita, or simply attempting to commit suicide by trying to  break the world record of “whole pizza’s eaten consecutively without shitting” through Xbox Live’s Pizza Hutt App, I also won’t deny what I like doing more on any of the devices listed.

That’s playing games.

Remember these guys?

The reasons for any seasons.

After seeing some serious reactions to the PS4 share button, and a load of people worried about the always on Nextbox rumors, I don’t have to look far to see the strife being created around everything but the video games for these consoles. I’ve had discussions with several regular gamers, and the core idea stands that as long as the titles hold up, everything is just gravy. Some like it hot, and others still like it smothered, and these are the gluttonous sentiments that may yet further regulate or degrade the console gaming space.

I see two futures ahead of us, separate realities that we will help to create.


...but likely won't be able to choose so willingly after the fact.

…but likely won’t be able to choose so willingly after the fact.

Reality A involves the gross eventuality, where our end all be all consoles are so closely related to computers, that they will evolve themselves out of existence.



A mock up of console fanboys, existing in reality a.

Reality B will unfold in regards to a complete system shutdown, where we repeat historical failings ala an industry wide market crash, and start all over again.

Vis a vie: fucked.

Vis a vie: fucked.

So in these two stipulations laid bare, I have actually reinforced what I sought to dispel in yesterday’s post.


Coming to a hypocrite near you.

Coming to a hypocrite near you.

Though, it should be noted, these two realities only exist in both redundancies of excess. If MS, Sony, and Nintendo continue to compete and foster better ideas with focuses on software, we’ll all be fine. If they continue trying to create a swiss army knife out of a console, they will eventually succeed.

It will be called a computer.

Of course, in doing competition the  wrong way, with over burdening costs, consistently fluxing economics, and terrible tactics by greedy corporations, everyone will fail, and we will start a new.

The reasonable route, the one I prefer to dwell on, is we  could just avoid all of this dimensional wish wash, by not over extending our selves, not creating unrealistic expectations, and not shifting focus off of what matters most in this regard.

Video Games.

Remember the key words: DON’T PANIC

Happy Gaming,



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