On the Shoulders of Giants

Hey Gamers.

I’ve been hard at work gaming and writing for you, the dear reader.

Don't give me that look.

Don’t give me that look.

While it’s a short post today, I figured I’d remind you all of how awesome X-play was.


So awesome.

For anyone unlucky enough to have missed it’s massive Decade plus run, X-Play (originally named GameSpot TV, and at one point entitled Extended Play), was a show that started on ZDTV, eventually moved to Tech Tv and then finally, G4. X-Play was kind of a sketch comedy meets gaming news show, where you’d get a mix of the funny and the functional with hosts Adam Sessler and Morgan Webb.

Gaming Greats.

Gaming Greats.

I’d say it was one of my favorite gaming variety shows growing up, but it was really the only gaming variety show while I was growing up. That should give you an idea of how ahead of it’s time it was in focusing on such an important medium, and how essential it was in helping shape young gaming minds. Between catching the weekly show on satellite TV, and waiting patiently for my EGM to arrive each month, X-Play was one of my only sources of gaming gossip, and represented a broadening of horizons. The show really represented the bulk of  gaming, or at least, that gaming was a meaningful culture, and not just random toys I messed around with. An important message of enlightenment in shaping my own views, and expanding the dialogue of gaming, always armed with a great sense of humor.

Adam Sessler’s succinctly declared question and response: “So you like Xenosaga? What the FUCK is your problem?” still stands as one of the most virtuous sentiments I’ve ever agreed with aired on television.

In any case, if you were somehow in the dark, I’m sorry to say that the show ended on January 23rd, after a massive fifteen year run. While I haven’t watched TV regularly since 2007, X-Play was one of my regular choices of entertainment. Through G4’s constant abuse of it’s own programming, the entire networks original intention of gaming TV went kaput in the past few months, and with it, a gaming legend. Considering TV’s waning importance as a technology, and the amount of other ways in which to get gaming news, it’s a sad realization of little surprise.

Adam Sessler is still fighting the good fight over at Rev 3 games, and is a top notch choice for gaming entertainment. Morgan Webb has not announced any plans as to what she’s moving onto, but I hope she finds success in any of her pursuits, even if that doesn’t entail bouncing back into the gaming fray.

In closing, I stand tall in saluting the iconic status X-Play reached, and will use the shows influence over me, in continuing the work of spreading gaming cheer.

ATE Big Boss

Keep Gaming,


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