Quickie: New Tricks

Hey Gamers.

I have this uncanny ability to let time get the better of me.

I just know how to deal with it better than others do.

I just know how to deal with it better than others do.

While there’s been loads going on in the gaming realm to speak of, today’s quickie is about my ever building excitement for Watch_Dogs, the open world Ubisoft game that warns “everything is connected”. Well, there is a healthy dose of morality that enters into the equation, involving the hurt and heal of such a technologically driven world, but that’s part of the titles fascinating nuance. The open world game has been done in so many ways, so many times, that any new comer has to go up and beyond basic bravado to capture the audience.

And the game made short work of that.

And Watch_Dogs made short work of that.

Watch_Dogs was first announced at E3 last year, and was integral in Ubisoft’s domination of the show. The game would again be shown at Sony’s PS4 press reveal, which I covered extensively in this write up. The game’s intrgue lies in the main character, Aiden Pearce, and his ability to tap into the “smart city” he inhabits. Since everything is connected, through basic hacking, he’s become somewhat of an all powerful techno-mancer.

Like this, but way more subtle.

Maybe like if Robo-Cop…

ATE Like this

…did a fusion dance with Schwartzman.


In any case, this is one dog that won’t stay down, as any news about the game always makes the biggest noise on any given day. Like the hounds of hell itself, Ubisoft has unleashed more info on an unsuspecting gaming public, and we feel excited as we are torn apart…(that we have to wait just a little longer to play it).

Ubisoft has announced today that Watch_Dogs will be available on November 22nd, on all major consoles (and some unannounced ones as well).

A new game play trailer has also been released.

Ubisoft has also released some information regarding some special editions, and in good fashion, have a multi-tiered system of offerings, for those who want the game, those who love the thought of playing the game, and those who want to be the game.

The lowest tier of special edition of Watch_Dogs, comes in two flavors. Those who pre-order directly through Ubisoft’s website  <gp_link type=”http” loc=”//shop.ubi.com/WatchDogs”>http://shop.ubi.com/WatchDogs will receive a piece of DLC being dubbed “The Breakthrough Pack”, which promises more content, and unlockable rewards for the main game.

The second tier, being referred to as the “Uplay Exclusive Edition”, not only includes “The Breakthrough Pack”, but a second and thrid  DLC mission entitled “The Palace Pack”, and “The Signature Shot”. The third mission unlocking an assault rifle weapon that can be used in the main story upon completion. With this edition, you will also receive the ever classic Steelbox for the game itself.

The third and fourth tiers respectively, look to be the swagtastic behemoths we’ve known modern day special editions to be. The first one, entitled “The DeadSec Edition”, can be seen here, in all of it’s glory.

Comes with a game, too.

Comes with a game, too.

In this edition, you will receive the following:

–      A 23cm Aiden Pearce Figurine
–      Steelbook
–      DedSec Collector box
–      Watch_Dogs Artbook: artworks and illustrations that inspired the game
–      Original soundtrack of the game
–      Watch_Dogs map of Chicago
–      Set of 4 collectible cards: discover Watch_Dogs iconic characters through augmented reality
–      Set of 3 exclusive badges

Plus, the previously mentioned DLC packs.

The fourth edition is distinguished, but equally bombastic with it’s offerings.


This Edition Includes:

–      Vigilante Collector box
–      Aiden Pearce’s cap
–      Aiden Pearce’s mask
–      Original soundtrack of the game

Needless to say, the DedSec and Vigilante Editions look to be as serious as special editions get, and will give you a shit ton of awesome. Ubisoft hasn’t mentioned which of these editions will remain territory exclusive, or be released world wide, but I’d be surprised if we didn’t see the bulk of these make it stateside. A price has also not been announced, but considering price tags for special editions of these calibers from a historical perspective, I’ll speculate with the following:

-Regular Special Edition with the DLC bonus, regular price, with digital content as pre-order incentive.
-UPlay Edition (with Steelbox and three DLC missions), will go for ten dollars more expensive.
-DedSec_Edition will go for $120.00, considering all of the physical swag on offer.
-Vigilante Edition might retail the same as DedSec, coming in also at $120.00

Well, those are my guesses, and based on Ubisoft’s past dealings with special editions, I wouldn’t be suprised if we see the prices go too far in either direction. I can’t yet speak for how much more expensive PS4 and 720 games will be, though I stand worried that this concern is too real for my own wallet’s sake.

In any case, even if you have no need for the fancy, Watch_Dogs is slated for Nov 22nd, and will be ready to vie for a top spot for everyone’s Game of the Year.

Happy Gaming,


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