Quickie: Subject to Change

Hey Gamers.

A thousand apologies for a break in the regular updates. With my portal to the internet dead and defunct, the gaming masses were unreachable,  leaving me stranded in a place I don’t visit too often.

Desert of the Real situation, I'm afraid.

Desert of the Real situation, you see.

What’s worse is I don’t even have a lot of time at present to go into detail about all of the gaming goodness that has transpired in the past couple of days. Among the crazier hype trains blasting by, the news of the next Xbox announcement falling on May 21st (10 AM PDT) is one of the biggest. With the loud nature that was the PS4 press event, and the party that followed, you can imagine my anxiousness in looking forward to seeing another huge part of the next several years. Even if that starts with me getting excited about an announcement about an announcement.

Desert of the Real situation, I'm afraid.

Desert of the Real situation, you see.

The event will be streamed both on Xbox Live and Xbox.com at the aforementioned date and time, and you can imagine the storm of news that will bellow forth soon afterwards. With all of the talk about price points, “dealing” with always online gaming, and additions of questionable tech functionality, any gamer who’s any  gamer is going to be very interested to see what transpires.

And Hopefully, and not just perspire.

And Hopefully, not just perspires.

I think Microsoft is in a very precarious situation right now. With the Wii U having a hard time focusing on just being a game console, and the PS4 taking a heavy embrace of social media, Microsoft is going to have to burst forth with careful ambition. We know MS wishes to make the Xbox the hub of the living room, so it’s safe to say they’ll also pursue this mass inter-connectivity. Also, with Nintendo having a solid stable (and too many idle horses in them) of games to parade, MS also has to service a very demanding bunch of Call of Duty players, who will one day run out of bullets and seek new battlefields. This delicate balance of core vs casual, while demographically tainted by title, can be utilized to service the in-between.  There are plenty of people who just want games, and a steady stream of them. Others still, don’t necessary want to just stream their games.

Before you know it, we have to start laughing at the concept of having to discuss “what makes a video game console”, as if video games weren’t enough to do that in the first place.

Desert of the Real situation, I'm afraid.

Desert of the Real situation, you see.

Rest assured, whatever perverse reality we’ll be given, or the one we think we want, I’ll be right there to cover the event from minute one. Look forward to that and more, in the future of ATE.
As one last aside, I normally take a break from posting on the weekends, but considering my lack of regular updates during the week, I’ll be sure to bring you guys something fresh from the gaming oven to snack on over the weekend.

Till Then…

Happy Gaming


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