Quickie: (Gotham City #1)

There has been an unusually regular  mention of Batman this week…

…and this is aside from the odd flashes of Val Kilmer I’ve been seeing when I close my eyes….

Forever Haunting Me

Forever Haunting Me

Moving forward, with my eyes firmly open, I bring to you more of The Bats, as a reminder video games have proven themselves as a functional crossroads for media bleed over.

While I mentioned earlier this week that some of us were celebrating Halo Week: Drop Shock, I seem to be tripping into the DC universe left and right. Between new game announcements, and memories of the old ones, I’ve been inadvertently selling The Dark Knights shtick all week.

With some of us making it look easier than others

With some of us making it look easier than others

In any case, due to some incidental intervention, I found out DC collectibles was doing an “April in Arkham” sale, which is discounting a bunch of their sweet Batman figures, based off the ever topical game franchise. I have more game swag than I can shake a batarang at, but I’m sure some of you are always asking where some of us “get our wonderful toys”.

While others are just freaked the fuck out by them.

While others are just freaked the fuck out by them.

While I’ve had some small nags about The Arkham series, the games do represent an overall elevation and reminder of the successful cross over effect video games can have. With the Dark Knight movies running side by side of the Arkham games, you had a great example of how to take one form of media, and broadcast it into two other forms without compromise. The Arkham series continued to impress, with some interesting promotional materials through comics and merch, that further heightened the entire brand. To the point of a simple announcement of a new game, still in conceptual stages, and still years down the road is causing excitement.

What’s now good for comics is good for video games, it seems.

I leave with only one last thought on the Arkham games, and that’s the always hilarious scenario of the plot to the second title. I chuckle at the very idea, that the board of city planning in Gotham, somehow passed through legislation,  and was successfully able to dedicate  a mini city, to house the entirety of Gotham’s criminally insane. Not only did they not see any problems with the idea, but that Bruce Wayne wasn’t able to prevent the construction, or with all of his influence and power, wasn’t able to intervene on the project. I have a feeling I know exactly what Bruce Wayne would have said.

You know what I think Bruce Wayne would have said in response to building Arkham City?

For some reason, I don't think he would agree.



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