Quickie: (What About Kevin)?

Hey Gamers.

This ad for Injustice: Gods Among Us tickled my fancy, so I thought I’d share it with you.


For any of you aren’t aware, Injustice is a new fighting game featuring the hero’s of the DC universe, including Superman, Wonderwoman, and at least one Batman. Injustice was made by Ed Boon and NetherRealm Studios (the guys who brought us Mortal Kombat)

Not only am I interested in trying the game out, but praise who’s ever at charge of Warner Brothers for realizing Kevin Smith is an untapped market of advertising material. I’ve said for awhile now, you can slap that man’s face onto anything, and the prospect of the product on hand becomes immediately more appealing.

For example…

Charles Grodin says:

Charles Grodin

“I don’t go anywhere without my new Galaxy S4.”


Noah Hathaway (The kid who played Atreyu in NeverEnding Story)


“The Galaxy S4 isn’t technology…it’s magic”!


Kevin Smith

“I can take a massive shit while watching porn at the same time on this (Galaxy S4) fucking thing.”

I rest my case.


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