Quickie: (Moar Batmanz)

Yesterday,  I discussed several important additions to our day to day lives. Of the many mentioned, the prospect of more Batmans was the most enticing of the mix…

..and something almost everybody can be happy about.

Almost Everybody.

Almost Everybody.

While I was referring to Infinite Crisis yesterday, today, the next set of Arkham games was announced: Arkham Origins, and Arkham Origins Blackgate. Both titles will take place chronologically before the first two Arkham games, and one will be a portable experience, in the vein of a 2D Metroid-Vania game. Even more interestingly, Rocksteady, the dev that brought The Batman to fame with the Arkham series, will not be developing either.

I know some gamers are already aghast with the possibilities of a new dev, but I think it’s exactly what the series needs. In an industry where dev teams are pushed way beyond their limits, and forced to do the same projects over and over again, I’ll be excited to see what other ideas Rocksteady can help cultivate, and what a new dev team will do in reinvigorating the series with a fresh approach.

The portable one has me salivating, as I haven’t sunk my teeth into a new side scrolling explorer in some time, and is a genre I’m plenty ready to dive back into.

As a side note, I do hope that, much like Castlevania, Dracula is in the new Arkham portable games. I know the two universes aren’t related at all, but that doesn’t matter when discussing what’s cool…

…and the only thing I can imagine being cooler than one Belmont beating the shit out of Dracula…

Is if 16 Batmans went wild on him.

Is if 21 Batmans went wild on him.


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