Quickie: (Red, White and Blue)

Hey Gamers.

Been a little while since my last update, but after the colossal amount of content  and updates that was March Madness for ATE, I felt I was entitled to some much needed down time.

Like this, but there are also video games.

Like this, but with more video games.

Some interesting tidbits to discuss today. First up is a focus on Halo 4, as 343 Industries has officially dubbed the week of April 8th as “Halo Week: Drop Shock”.  The activities of note to look forward to come in a variety of flavors, as 343 has something delicious lined up for each day of the week. The week kicks off with the launch of a brand new piece of DLC  entitled “Castle Map Pack”. This pack will feature three medium to large maps, with a focus of vehicle combat and open spaces. The Castle Map Pack will retail for 800 MSP, and will sure to add variety to the always changing battlefield that represents Halo 4.

Seen Here: The Calm before the Tea Bagging.

Seen Here: The Calm before the Tea Bagging.

Other plans for Halo Week: Drop Shock include the release of Vol 2 to the H4 OST, extra XP challenges for Spartan Ops players, and even a sale on previous map packs already available.

Lots of fun stuff going on in the Halo verse.

Picture Not Related.

Picture Not Related.

Next up we have some news regarding an interesting looking PC game involving the DC universe called Infinite Crisis.

The trailer can be found here.

This game looks to be in the vein of titles trying their hand at a multiplayer arena experience, much like was popularized through games like DOTA, which still stands as the genres grand daddy deluxe. While there aren’t many details available to the public currently, the teaser trailer did show three different Batmans.

Michael Keaton being told he was way ahead of the game.

Michael Keaton being told he was way ahead of the game with the cloning idea.

While a competitive scene built on top of fast and fluid gameplay is what makes or brakes these types of titles, I’m willing to give the game the benefit of the doubt. If one of the first concepts presented to us is three different Batmans, then Infinite Crisis may have just enough crazy ideas to make it work.

Last but not least, we get some news on the Pokemon front, with some fresh info from the increasingly hard to wait for Pokemon titles X & Y.
The most recent announcement comes in the form of a promotional leak, involving a Pokemon highly reminiscent of Mewtwo.



While there has been no confirmation on whether this is a new form, or a new Pokemon entirely, it does add just one more kick ass design into what’s already been indicated as a strong generation of Pokemon designs. I really hope it is another form of Mew. This is due to a sick perversion of mine, in enjoying historical mistakes being repeated, and the usual mess the cloning process can create.

Michael Keaton being told he really fucked it up with that cloning idea.

Michael Keaton being told he really fucked it up with that cloning idea.

All in all, some nice teasers, new content, and content teasing that has me pretty excited. I enjoyed my time with Halo 4, an felt as if 343 did a good job of “playing it safe” with the formula for the title. I feel they might have been in a trapped place, as changing the game too much would have severely alienated gamers who hold Halo in such high regards. Despite early Spartan Ops content feeling a little repetitive, I did come back to H4 again and again, because of the fun episodic content, and the always changing multiplayer. I’m glad to see the franchise still doing well in a sea of fierce competition.

As far as Pokemon is concerned, I’ve been a big fan since Gen I, and am only growing more excited by the day for Gen VI. The starters they already showed off were the best since Gen II, and the legendaries that have been showcased show a certain class. Not to mention that X & Y represent a dramatic change in the series, with the game finally going to full 3D, both in and out of battles. Even if this Q4 on the 3DS isn’t swamped with quality titles, I already know I’m going to have my hands full with X & Y.

Well, that wraps up today’s post. I know these quickie’s don’t represent the thickest of reads, nor do they possess the quality of content some of my other originals do, but I never like to force out a more creative piece, lest I drop my standard entirely. I have a couple of ideas for the site, and will continue to give the gaming, when the gaming is good.

Happy Gaming.


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