Quickie: (Family, Friends, and Elvis in a nursing home)

Hey Gamers

The end of another long week. I don’t know about you, but I’m ready to kick back and enjoy me some virtual reality.

Some, not all.

Enjoy some virtual reality, not all.

Before resigning myself completely to rest and relaxation, I bring to light a couple more news stories that have caught my interest. While I’m still playing catching up with some of the more recent standout gaming titles, it seems as if the rest of the industry is absolutely adoring Bioshock: Infinite, with the game already achieving several perfect scores.

While I’m always hesitant about putting too much stock into review scores, it’s really the words that are matching the digits that I find most enlightening. A lot of reputable outlets are just blown away by the compelling atmosphere, and think Ken Levine may have even exceeded his own level of quality with the original Bioshock.

Bold statements, to be sure.

Besides, Ken Levine has been asking us gamers so politely to try Bioshock: Infinite...I just can't resist!

Besides, Ken Levine has been asking us gamers so politely to try Bioshock: Infinite…I just can’t resist!

A couple of other points of interest involve Nintendo bringing Miiverse to PC and mobile this April, EA having a moment of sanity with DRM, and Suda51’s new game called Killer is Dead.  The Miiverse expanding beyond just the Wii U is kind of a surprise. Not as if I want to horde the service all to myself, giving way to my insane Nintendo brethren and our incessant Zelda babble.

An artists rendition of what we normally do in the Miiverse.

Seen Here: What we normally do in the Miiverse.

I just stand surprised that something so innate and propitiatory is getting expansion into uncharted territories. I was even shocked initially with the staying power the Miiverse had, despite the rather controlled nature of the posting system. I’m sure opening up the platform to more prospective buyers, will ultimately lead to more adopters, something the Wii U is still in desperate need of, despite good quality.

While EA’s awareness of DRM being a dead end strategy is a great audio clip, they didn’t go the extra mile and look at the recently catastrophic launch of Simcity, as the source of the observation. Instead reminding us of the game’s “intentional online design”. I feel as if EA did irreparable  damage to Maxis, and a worthwhile brand, something they will never have to pay for.
Despite EA’s verbal misdrection, it seems as if the drastic failure has led them to second thoughts on their anti-piracy matters.

If nothing else, EA’s own strategy working against them, gave the entity at least one shocking moment of painful clarity.

It should be noted this doesn't always lead down a path of reform.

It should be noted this doesn’t always lead to a path of redemption.

Last but not least, Suda51’s up and coming gamer, Killer is Dead, seems to be as flamboyant and over the top as his other games, starring main man mercenary Mondo Zappa. The first write up’s I read, involved watching a hands off-demo, referred to the title as  “looking impressive” and “playing great”. The same kind of gore-tastic action you’ve come to love about games from Grasshopper Studios.

I’ve always been a fan of Suda51, just with his unrelenting style, and being fully aware of how ridiculous video games can be. In an industry all about big budgets and long waiting periods, it’s nice to have a creative mind deliver something loud with regular levels of consistency. I’ve always looked at Suda51 titles as kind of video games own version of “B-Movies”, not top notch in quality, but never failing to entertain.

Just think of Suda51 games as being like Elvis in a nursing home. You'll never be confused again.

Just think of Suda51 games as being like Elvis in a nursing home. You’ll never be confused again.

In a medium that sometimes takes itself too seriously, I’m all for a spectrum of options.  I’m glad the industry has grown big enough to accommodate The Big Daddies, The Cooking Mamas, and even The Kids who just want to “Be the Guy”.

We’re all just one big family of gamers.

Well, that’s it for this week everyone. I’ve loved bringing you gaming goodness day after day, but I’m in need of some definite and  polygonal rest and relaxation. Make the most out of your weekend, and treat yourself to something enjoyable if you have the moment.

Happy Gaming,


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