Quickie: (But Quietly)

Gamers…how’s it hanging?

Hopefully, better than this.

Hopefully, better than this.

For any of those who missed it, I just posted my Tomb Raider review, for all you curious gamers to behold. I think the game delivered on a lot of the potential promised in the hype leading up to the launch, and definitely set the stage in bringing Lara back with full bravado. Read my full review, and you’ll be very surprised at how the whole thing went down.

As I move on from the lethal nature of the dark caverns of Tomb Raider, I’m reminded of how flashy and fast moving this industry has become. No sooner than PAX East ending, with me still catching up on all the juicy tidbits, GDC rears it’s informative head, and provides much needed insight to anyone with a more keen curiosity of how video games rock.

Seen Here: Just a couple of quick examples.

Seen Here: Just a couple of quick examples.

While GDC represents a far savvier, insider oriented affair as far as gaming gatherings go, there usually exists quite a bit of gaming goodness to gain. While there have been further insights into the behemoth that will be the PS4, my gaze is firmly fixed upon the final and conclusive reveal of MGS5. For anyone of those who missed it, the viral marketing that existed for the game in leading up to the actual reveal was intriguing, to say the least. The most interesting of which culminated with an interview involving Jeff Keighley, and a man named Joakim Mogren, which can be found here.  The two discussed the mysterious “Phantom Pain”, and in conceivable fashion, raised more questions than it answered with some dizzying misdirection.

Like so many mad men of our time.

Like so many mad men of our time.

The whole thing was a lot of fun, and was a great way to hype what many people had suspected for some time, resulting in the official MGS 5 reveal trailer at GDC, which can be found here. Not only am I constantly impressed by the huge jumps of quality I see every month from games on a visual standpoint, MGS stands as one of my all time fav series period. This announcement has me extremely excited, as aside from Peace Walker, I’ve largely left the series alone since the end of 4. This game looks to further the story of Big Boss, though it is interesting to note that within the time frame the game is based around, Solid Snake should be in his early teens at this point.

Picture: Early impressions of what a younger Snake looks like.

Pictured: Impressions of what a younger would Snake looks like.

I’ve always loved the narrative of MGS, and 5 looks to be continuing the trend. While I do believe Kojima has a lot more to give to the gaming world than just MGS, the obvious truth exists. I would love to see involvement from him on original projects, passing along the MGS brand to a trusted team…though I’d be lying if I said another feature presentation involving Snake by Kojima himself doesn’t automatically shoot to the top of my priority list. While I’m sure MGS5 is a long ways out (I’ll be surprised if it’s out by holiday 2014), every day the game is developed, is one more step to a next gen experience that will be largely unmatched.

That’s it for today, but not for the week! Expect some GDC updates as they arrive. I’ll also be looking at some of the more trying aspects of the industry later in the week, and investigate whether or not they are truly a cause of concern.

Till next time gamers.


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