Quickie: (PAX to the Max)!

Hey Gamers!

New week, new games! Plenty of good ones coming out, and great ones that have already come out. After I just worked my way through Tomb Raider (more to come on that),  I turn around and find Gears of War, Starcraft, and Bioshock all have new bundles of joy, for all the happy gaming boys and girls out there.

It’s Christmas in March!

A video game X-mas is like this,  except with way more death involved.

A video game X-mas is like this, except with way more death involved.

On top of these ominous yuletide signs of festive oblivion, PAX East is going on right now in Boston. The industry has really expanded it’s scope of gaming conventions in recent years. moving  past just the gluttonous gauntlet that is   E3. PAX is just one more incarnation of gaming goodness.

Among some of the stand out titles this year, we got a look at the ever expanding world of Borderlands 2, some more juicy details on The Last of Us, and most surprising of all, the DuckTales NES game getting a remaster!

It's a Duck Blur.

It’s a Duck Blur.

Some surprisingly big and satiating news coming from PAX East this year, if I may say. While there are plenty of bigger names I’ve looked at that have me a great deal excited, the reports from the Indie Front excite me just as much. Between Double Fine’s newest game finally getting some details, to a game called Octodad I’ve been waiting too damn long for, PAX East has thrilled my gaming heart with news of great promise.

For anyone completely unaware of what Octodad is all about, click here,  and stand amazed at his timeless mastery in the art of stealth.

.Nobody suspects a thing.

Nobody suspects a thing.

I was expecting to have a more substantial write up for you guys today, but between watching, reading, and playing all the games that are either out, or coming out…

I ran out of time to be funny.

A problem more common than you think.

A problem more common than you think.

I’ve got a couple of ideas and pieces lined up for this week, so rest assured, the best has yet to come! Why not look at the bountiful glory of PAX East news, and spend ample hours enjoying a good old fashioned Zerg rush, a stroll through Columbia, or just a warm and sentimental Chainsaw Duel with your buddy of choice!

Ahh, the therapy of gamers.



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