Quickie (Masks of Mischief)

Hey gamers.

We might be running out of days in the week, but that doesn’t mean we’re running out of games to play. In my last quickie, I took a brief mention of pause to thank the one true Gaben, and the work Valve does in making Steam an awesome place to be. Not a day after the fact, Steam’s Indie Spring Sale went into full effect, which sent my wallet into a dive bomb.

Just kidding, it’s a Steam Sale! They practically kill themselves to get this shit to us for free.


Even Meat Boy stands horrified, in the ensuing  carnage of Steam Sales.

Even Meat Boy stands horrified, in the ensuing carnage of Steam Sales.

I’ve already bought a couple games, and more yet to purchase. While I’ve written about the strength of the Indie presence on Steam in the past, I’ve more recently looked at the consistent quality of smaller titles like Hotline Miami (<—that’s worth clicking on). The game stands as a testament to brand refusal, you’d never guess by a simple glance that a 2-d action title would have such dark nuance about it. I use this moment to re-convey some initial thoughts: “The game’s depraved ethos and merciless brutality is evocative of what would happen if Kubrick and Tarantino co-created a video game.”

The game existing somewhere between this kind of fast paced bloodshed…

Quickie Kill

and the center focus of your twisted smile while doing so….

Quickie Alex

Ultra Violence at a fever pitch.

While Hotline is not on Steam Sale (currently), it doesn’t really need to be. The title is only $5, and is an experience worth having. Another honest mention is the game’s soundtrack (also on the cheap), and has few competitors. The sounds and music of Hotline Miami, blend a  creepy ambiance and unsettling focus, the audio standing as a  prime factor in how the game champions your better sense. Hotline Miami  just released on Mac in the last couple days, so the community of potential fans is ever increasing. I cross my fingers that the console guys will get there stab at trying HM out, as I remain impressed by what residuals it’s left within my own gaming experience.

This you can imagine, is a tall task. Decades of experience leaving you behind at the cross roads of excess and familiar quality.

Happy Gaming,


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