Quickie (SimShitty Edition)

Just a small update today gamers.

Upon seeing this recent piece of information, I’m wondering what’s in store for EA’s future. I know CEO’s by design, need to be in many ways, villainous to gamers. I’m not sure if this will always be an inevitability, or just a regularity. At the very least, it seems historically sound, and John Riccitiello stepping down might mean very little in the grand scheme of business sense for the behemoth publisher.

With this coming to light, I’m very curious about how much contribution the recent catastrophe with SimCity added to his departure. I know in the world of business, these major changes can be planned pretty far in advance, but the fallout from the failure that was the SimCity launch was absolutely vile. I remember back when EA hyped the game at E3 in 2012, and I was excited with glee at the thought of a reboot. I was so very close to picking it up on launch day, but was delayed in getting to Gamestop due to time restrictions. Imagine my surprise when I get home that night to see a nuclear abyss of bullshit involving the always online debacle that thwarted the game from day one. What’s even more amazing is that this very thing has happened before, and companies are still refusing to participate in reason.

I truly fear, at least from the business side of gaming, we may always remain in an endless gauntlet of cannibalism.

Seen Here: A probable candidate for the next CEO of EA.

Seen Here: A probable candidate for the next CEO of EA.

There are some who were able to enjoy SimCity, while other merely felt laughably vindicated in such foolish DRM policies blowing up in a companies face. Others still, like myself, were wise enough to steer clear because of the bad press, finding myself treated to a strong alternative in the way of quality reboot variety. This incident is not without consequence, however. Due to EA’s intrepid mishandling of SimCity, many people have, and will likely lose their job because of a pathetic money grab. What’s worse, Maxis and their motivated fun of reviving a once proud franchise, has been effectively destroyed. Leaving the likes of the SimCity brand tarnished, and forcing it into a gaming purgatory it will not soon rise out of.

We by law, consider corporations people, through the use of the phrase corporate personhood. In this strange twist of irony, we must treat large faceless conglomerates in many respects we do another person. While this by itself is already a frightening prospect, what’s worse, is we don’t even pretend to have the same level of intimate respect for creative properties. In this instance, EA “suffered” because of their failings, but SimCity receives no aide, despite being  beyond damaged. In a society where we pride money over creativity, I’m only left feeling more sympathy for SimCity as a brand, than EA as a company.

EA’s greedy tendencies ended up destroying by reputation, an entire concept (SimCity), and they won’t be worse for the wear.

While SimCity is left to writhe in it’s own misery, and not a single saving grace improving what’s already destroyed.

Who is the victim here?


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