PS4 News Round Up (Part 2)

While Knack definitely set the tone of the press conference, there were plenty of other titles in full possession of impressive gameplay, and aesthetic bravado.

One of which, was Killzone: Shadow Fall

PS4 P3 1

The demo starts off on a decidedly slower pace than past Killzone conference demos, but everything looked stunning, and on the level. The lead in involved a fly over of Vekta city, doing a good job of giving the ensuing conflict a sense of scale and awe. The lighting effects were in full force, and seeing the sun shower the city in all kinds of reflective and unique ways was pure eye candy…

…and that’s before the battle even started.

PS4 P3 2

One of the elements of the game that stood out to me, was the weapon animations. Such a small portion of the game, standing on ground to impress, with visually poppy animations and effects, all in swift motion. The gameplay was very faithful to the quick fps stylization the series is known for, and the chaos of the battle field was one that had a refreshed level of vigor to everything on display. Some stealth was showcased during the demo, and the ability to throw your knife after the stealth kill at a poor bastard close by, provided some interesting speculation on how varied or combo-tastic the multi kill process could be.

PS4 P3 2.5

The end of the demo followed through on the more epic bravado the series single player is known for. Giving chase to one of the commanding officers on the battle field, you jump and catch a rope hanging from his departing helicopter. This gives way to a very stylized and very desperate sweep of the city, as your character hangs on for dear life. After a small shoot out suspended from the fast moving helicopter, you quickly climb aboard and plant some C4, dismounting with a huge jump onto of a building, and then look on in satisfaction as you watch the craft explode into a mad fury of debris.

PS4 P3 4

The victory is short lived, however, as the main character looks on in horror, at the recently invaded city at the hands of the Helghast, and is quickly forced to surrender by a series of imposing ships.

PS4 P3 5

While the demo ends on an awesome cliffhanger, the game was sadly, followed up with any further information. Let’s cross our fingers and hope this hit’s the launch window (however hopeful that may be).

The next game that immediately followed was from Evolution Studios, called Drive Club, a team focused (realistically based) first person racing game.

PS4 P3 6

While the market for realistic racers already has some fierce competition (keeping in mind Gran Turismo is still a Sony darling in this regard), Drive Club has some interesting concepts about it. Aside from the immersive elements of the first person view, you have an“obsessive” level of detail given to the in game locales and vehicles, even down to the way the leather of the seats look, and the way the sun shines off the paint of the cars. The game takes a precedence with co-operation and competition, offering a variety of ways to race with and against buddies. The team aspect seems to be a big focus of the game, and creating clubs with friends, driving against others teams, and setting up challenges as an individual or with a group based focus are just some of the few examples of how the game wishes to thrill you.

PS4 P3 7

The game is looking to service not only high score junkies and racing pros, but also those who appreciate just the feel of driving, and being one with cruising. Part of the demo was focused solely on the “feel” of enjoying the level of detail your car possessed, and the essence of driving around in sexy cars, in sexy locations. The game’s focus on an interconnected and an always thriving world of living competition is sure to entice those who have found entertainment in the worlds of GT and Forza, and looks to help break open the genre of racing games, with team based focus and joy rides galore.

PS4 P3 8

I always like a good racer to test drive some of the more impressive way in pushing a new consoles visuals, and the screenshots on show here don’t really do the game justice. Check out the trailer of the game here  if you want a better idea of the experience in motion.

The last game I’m going to mention in this update is Infamous: Second Son. While the lead up to this game was *ahem* slightly dramatic, the atmosphere of the game seems to be following the trend of technological terror. In an advanced society, who’s in control, and how can you change it?

PS4 P3 9

While Second Son was far more of a teaser trailer than the other two titles previously mentioned, the video displayed at least the story elements of what to expect. The overarching theme seems familiar, involving a government with too much technological control over the populace, and a lone group of (super powered) warriors trying to dismantle their iron clad grip on society.

PS4 P3 10

The teaser showed off a lone individual, complete with Nightcrawler like bamfing abilities, effortlessly taking down a task force in a violently rebellious act. The scene does not make clear if the game takes place inside the boundaries of Empire City, like the previous games, but one thing is for sure, the in game society has taken a turn for the worst.

PS4 P3 11

The trailer finishes with a higher up standing in front of a video feed, looking on helplessly as the super powered assailant swirls in place as some kind of cosmic super charged tornado , and then re-materializes back into human form.

PS4 P3 12
He slowly walks up to one of the soldiers video feeds with a smirk, and warns her with the phrase “You are not in control”.

PS4 P3 13

Without any solid gameplay to go on, I can’t speak if the game looks to follow the history of the series third person roots in super power morality, or if Second Son will take a spin off approach with a different angle. I know the series has been fun thus far, and the only bummer about the footage is thinking that the game may be launching well after the PS4 does, considering no solid game play footage was available during the press conference.

That wraps up another block of games, this time, from devs developing exclusively for the PS4 platform. In my next update, I’ll be giving you a look at a timed exclusive, some third party goodies, and other conceptual heavy weights looking to help the PS4 explode onto the scene with some style.


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