Gotta View em’ All

I’m always pleased when gaming news borders on the surprisingly pleasant, as opposed to the shockingly stupid. 

We’ve been getting a lot of the second one lately. if the video games weigh as much as a duck...

…so if the video games weigh as much as a duck…

Fear not! While others make violent attempts of therapy, gamers have yet another game to fill out what is looking to be a robust year in gaming.Two new Pokemon titles, X and Y, were announced this morning by Nintendo President Satoru Iwata on a Nintendo Direct video.

Seen Here

Poke X Y

The obvious stand out feature of the new titles are the over hauled visuals, the game seems to have had a complete 3-D make over. While I do believe Nintendo waited quite a long time to make the jump, I suppose making a title on the 3DS demands this  visual implementation  Just one of those sorta have to moments. The three new starters Froakie, Fennekin, and Chespin present themselves with this unspoken potential. Some of the poke gens go a little kookie with their overly convoluted or silly abstract Poke Designs, and these three have a nice clean look about them.

Warning: Do not lick the Froakie.

Warning: Do not lick the Froakie.

Just a quick update today, but the promise of a new Pokemon game is a savory truth. Often times I’m torn between enjoying the reliable game play, but desiring more from the rigid formula. X and Y have me excited that along with the visual style, they could be pushing the envelope of unexplored territory for the series as a whole.

Oh, and I’ also calling it now. Pokemon Z confirmed for a 2014 holiday launch Window.


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