The Attic: The Bog of Backlog

When I was younger, I created a rather short to do list in my life:

1. Beat every game I play
2. Meet Future Me

I’ve since crossed one of those off of my list as implausible.

What I'm realistically expecting to see any day now.

What I’m realistically expecting to see any day now.

Something like the inevitability of never finishing every game I play is secondary to the fun I have of course. I see this in my later years, not soon enough realizing the value of quality vs quantity. This doesn’t make my gaming life any more predictable, mind you. Not a day passes where I’m not reminded of the unexpected happening, the future excels in this regard. My expectations in gaming are always adjusted, which can elevate and dissipate my mood, very normally in a 24 hour period. The every day is a balancing act, and coming out even at the ass end is a victory in my book. Sometimes, it’s not a matter of IF you can, but a matter of WHY you should.

Pictured: A man who doesn't know the difference between the IF and the WHY.

Pictured: A man who doesn’t know the difference between the IF and the WHY.

I remain positive, retaining my adjusted expectations, fully aware of the daunting tasks ahead. Even when I’m reminded of all of the things I don’t have at the moment, I’m motivated to not accept defeat. Double Fine’s new IOS game is a unique example of far outside my applicable back log, still not even owning an I-device for which I could use to play the game.

A game about super heroes, Tim Schafer, and it’s free.

For all of those able, back log be damned…

…and with that, I move onto my my last entry (for now) into my feature “The Attic”, with my final piece from The Myspace Era of early writing. This piece, with the rather horrific name “Mungo Jerry Knew”, was likely written in an insomniastic rage fueled by little more than caffeine and a lust for gaming. The date of post was June 15th, 2009.


The Attic presents…

Mungo Jerry knew…

 …almost everything about the summer time except what a considerable boon to your gaming it can be, if one were to designate time properly. Well, time management is a skill that should be considered by everyone, not just the busy. I say this only to convey the message that with proper time management skills, you can be busy whenever you feel like it, which is a plus for the lazy and motivated a like.

I speak of summer as a golden ace with almost a certain clarity. Being the time of year any rational gamer would use as a catch up method is no dark secret, anyone who’s been around for even one half assed gaming cycle should know. Though I’ve somehow found myself entrenched in the bog of backlog far too long (circa the Outer Haven incident), I could easily list the experience as one of the best problems I’ve ever had. I would struggle trying to have all of the fun I could, marching on with an insatiable appetite parallel only to my eclectic tastes which drove me to this amazing swamp in the first place. I’ve yet to decide whether drowning forever in a bog of backlog is a comfortably doomed experience, or a celebratory spice that only variety is aware of in a lethal kind of way.So far, thanks to certain people who will be named (Jess), I’ve been able to discern and concentrate on how and when. “The List” has dulled my sense of chaos, and I have claimed success in pushing through swarms of enjoyment like you wouldn’t believe. The rhythm based scene still has me deep in a snare, but I maintain a careful balancing act, knowing one day that my dual analog will out weigh my colorfully clicky axe in destructive enjoyment once more. My parade of gaming shenanigans will no doubt eclipse the summer in full with priority after priority of everything I may still need to purvey…which is fine in the long run. The challenge is only outweighed by how much fun I usually have, whether or not that entails establishing my own series of brutal cock fights with adorable creatures, or longing for a more accurate way to roll a monkey around, which is as amazing as the sex involved might be if my waggle wiggled right. Motion control will continue to be the bane of my existence, until the parties responsible go through with the ever so important equation of 1:1 control, a nice fuck you other wise.
(As an aside, like my first few Myspace rehashes in The Attic, this write up was untouched for authenticity)

This piece is quite loaded, and as mentioned, was thrown onto a screen without any proper care for intent or reason. I cover a lot of stuff here, not in the least of which is my recently discovered backlog problem, which I’ve referred to lovingly as the name of this attic post. Mungo Jerry was a British rock band responsible for the 1970 song “In the Summertime”. Pretty sure I was in a groggy state of silliness, and found the lead singer’s voice hilarious.Just to get that out of the way.

For the rest of the unfocused thoughts, I still maintained a nice clarity about my writing. This makes sense, as I have mentioned, I was knee deep in my freelance work for at the time, and was writing a variety of gaming reviews for them. Still, my editing and proofreading skills…not 100%. More to the point of gaming, I touch on a few golden basics, like the summer catch up, and what would be the standard of back logs. I refer to The Outer Haven incident as signifying one of the earliest moments of realization. This confuses me, as I remember the Christmas of 2007 being a more proper genesis of backlog  related crises. Being completely absorbed into the Guitar Hero/ Rock Band scene didn’t help, and would dilute my free time to the point of contradictory woe. One truly grisly example is buying the collectors edition of Fallout 3 on launch day, and never opening it.


I also bitch a little about the Wii, forecast my inevitable disappointment with Nintendo’s lack of engaging 1:1 motion control titles, and also put forth the mention of “The List”. This was a tool I used to combat The Bog of Backlog. While it really only was a simple check list, it helped greatly, and marked the beginning of a new era for me. “The List” ended up being of a legendary status in completionism, with an added ripple effect of self-awareness. I mean to say, that this was about the same time I evolved my original concept of “The Minor Rules of Nothing Major” idea into something of an actual tangible tome of knowledge.

Encyclopedia Muranica was concocted, and then put into motion as a legitimate outlet for my writing and gaming to reach new heights of collaboration.

The stage was set, the players present.


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