U don’t say?

The Wii U launch, as you might have gathered from my recent posts, hasn’t disappointed.

Well, maybe in one regard.

Wii U Smash Bros

So glad we got Kid Icarus 3DS instead.

While my thoughts on these recent events haven’t been expedited, my playing has, and I’ve enjoyed the massive derailment of all my other gaming projects. A new console should bring tidings of great joy, which is convenient, because they always launch around Christmas. The time of the year when I’m not so holly jolly and more just fucking broke.

The Wii U, seen here with my wallet.

The Wii U, seen here with my wallet.

Not that the price is too much, mind you. They could have turned everyone off, and the damn thing could have cost 599 U.S dollars, for example.

How silly would that have made them look?

Very, it turns out.

I don’t normally take issue with price points, honestly, so this whole idea of too much is more of a farcical foot note. I do appreciate the tiering of the separate values presented, for any system. I never feel at a loss for choice, or value at the end of the day, and I feel graced as Nintendo showers me with free Hard Drive space and 10% off discounts galore…

Then there’s the imagination of Nintendo Land.

Picture slightly related.

Picture slightly related.

Many, if not all would argue, with such a high price point attachment to early tech adoption, the reasons for doing so must be compelling. The social faux pas of not possessing one of these devices is sometimes pressure enough. Others, who require less shitty friends, and more depth to their decisions, demand some meat and potatoes, some veggies and quinoa…

A game with some real balls.

Picture not related.

Picture not related.

Nintendo usually has us covered. A staple Mario game, a fighter that just won’t quit, a Gamecube port. The Wii U is no different, and Nintendo Land, as I view it, acts as that design catalyst by which many third parties, and future Nintendo endeavors will be judged. The game was presented in a rather poor manner at E3 this year, and garnered a range of emotions from confusing, to mass vomiting.

Seen here: Early impressions of Nintendo Land at E3

Seen here: Early impressions of Nintendo Land at E3

No one really understood the title, and Nintendo certainly wasn’t doing a good job of perpetuating mass comprehension. Having sat down with it on launch day, and almost every day after since then, I became very confident. I only reflex vomited once, and it was due to DK’s Crash Course being so god damn hard…

...this god damn hard.

This god damn hard.

In honest variety, Nintendo Land serves up twelve different “attractions” (mini games), for you and your friends to play around in. The main area is a gigantic, and seemingly unimpressive lot of nothing when you first arrive. Each attraction will have different themes and goals, which grant you coins (currency for swag). This leads to some major redecorating, and thusly, awesomeness ensues of the Nintendo persuasion. These furnishings add a touch of replay value to the game, as there are many to obtain.  All of the swag represent elements from all of the attractions.  Of which, usually entail some of  Nintendo’s biggest characters…

...and some of the biggest characters who didn't show. Likely being  kidnapped on their way to the park…

…and some of the biggest Nintendo characters who didn’t show up, were likely being kidnapped on their way to the park…

..by this guy.Probably.

..by this guy.

The attractions themselves lend excellently to the new hardware, and do a great job at showcasing what the controller is really capable of. You can go solo on many of the events, which provide a surprising wealth of single player replay-ability . Other events require more than one person to enjoy, but this doesn’t cripple whats on offer. The legitimate excitement of recruiting friends for same room gaming entertainment is present, the game proud to offer a contrary bygone.  Nintendo Land helps to ignite these feelings of chaotic laughs, and does so effortlessly. Just from the sheer wealth of odds and ends, Nintendo Land takes all of the gaming prowess Wii Sports showcased, shoves it into a rocket, and launches it right over the moon.

Not that moon.

Not that moon.

The examples of ways to play are large in number, and whether you’re acting as a lone gun, shooting  your way through Crash Course (arcade maze), or swearing a loud while playing Mario Chase (multiplayer tag), no one’s left out. I’ve made mention before about the unique commentator aspects the Wii U brings into play, and even watching your friend go at it on the big screen, while he fiddles around with the gamepad is extensively amusing.

With all of this in mind, the experience does what Nintendo awkwardly hyped, which was create compelling a-symmetrical game play experiences. Playing though any of the multiplayer attractions have different angles, depending on which controller you use (Wii-Mote, Game Pad). You might find you want to explore the best of both worlds. Yet, you may love playing god with the gamepads touch screen at the tips of your fingers, or continue waving the Nintendo flag high, by waggling that Wii-Mote in the thick of the action.

The choice is intoxicating, and that’s before the mass inclusion of booze to an all night gaming party.

Pictured: The after effects of a  group of drunk people playing Wii Sports, or a sober person playing DK's Crash Course. Results do not vary.

Pictured: The after effects of a group of drunk people playing Wii Sports, or a sober person playing DK’s Crash Course. Results do not vary.

I refuse to relinquish any praise I hoist upon Nintendo Land, and that’s due to the complete 180 turn around the game pulled. With initial showings, the experience, first sold as a laugh. With my initial experience, sold on the first laugh. I’m still playing what I thought to be a one off tech demo at launch. This day mirrors launch day to some extent, as I spent so much time with Nintendo Land, I wasn’t able to really get into any of the other games on my mind.

And the time did fly…



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2 responses to “U don’t say?

  1. Hmm it looks like your site ate my first comment (it was extremely long) so I guess I’ll just sum it up what I submitted and say, I’m thoroughly enjoying your
    blog. I as well am an aspiring blog writer but I’m still new to the whole thing. Do you have any recommendations for newbie blog writers? I’d genuinely appreciate it.

    • pashfordmurano

      Appreciate the positive feed back. I don’t even feel as if I’m responsible or successful enough to give out good advice. The saving grace of anyone with ability (any) is they can hone it. I’ve done well to motivate myself to always write, whether it’s in a journal, or a random word doc.

      Other than that, just try and communicate your ideas to others who can understand and work with them. With regularity, you will improve over time, as long as you follow some kind of repetitive improvement process. I was lucky enough to be granted opportunity by a small indie site to showcase my writing.

      Many smaller sites will appreciate free contributions, and if nothing else, will help you build some kind of portfolio, and get use to the idea of communicating with editors and a staff of people.

      http://www.gameleon.net/ is a useful tool as well, for anyone who’s just starting, and unsure of how to progress.

      Just make sure whatever you’re doing, enjoy it in public.

      Someone will eventually notice.

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