I scream, U scream…

We all scream…for entirely different reasons, apparently.

No matter the company or console, the entire gaming industry becomes roused in a furious stupor when a system launches. Tensions run high, stores sell out, the next “Dreamcast” is on the horizon.

Inevitably, someone does something stupid.

The production manager in charge of making sure there were enough Wii U’s for launch.

Some of the complaints about the system are misguided, while others seem to be sabotaging themselves out of some unknown ulterior motive.

…Then there’s this guy, who I’m guessing, I’ll fail to understate as “excited” with the arrival of the Wii U.

No matter your thoughts, the Wii U does indeed set the stage for the next gen. Seems as if Nintendo is relying on the historical data relevant, with each generation’s major leader launching the earliest. While premature, the launch will impress all manner of ideas and trends onto the other companies in the running, and will once again showcase Nintendo’s in/ability to outperform themselves.

Given, not a single company comes away from any early ideas unscathed.

With the introduction of the Wii U, we finally have a controller that’s almost half as big as an original Xbox controller.

The Wii U represents a lot of time and effort, for those who’ve worked on the concept, and for those who will enjoy it. Nothing excites me more than thinking about all of the dynamic ways the game pad will be utilized, and all the ways I’ve already been thrilled with the implementation.

Let me just do a little more “research” first, and then I’ll let you know.



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